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Allrecipes Cooks Up Deal With Snapchat

Allrecipes, the world’s largest recipe brand, took an innovative step to increase its already massive user base by launching a new feature as the exclusive food category partner of the Scan feature within Snapchat.

The new offering allows home cooks to access Allrecipes recipes based on ingredients captured by the Snapchat camera function. Available later this year, this new feature will allow a cook to simply take a photo of an ingredient, which then generates a list of recipes the ingredients can be used in.

Allrecipes, owned by Meredith Corporation, hosts a truly massive database of recipes that serve as the inspiration for more than 60 million home cooks. Alicia Cervini, VP, Strategic Partnerships at Meredith Corporation says this new feature provides a fun, easy way to generate more ideas for a fabulous meal.

“Allrecipes provides home cooks with the tools, information and inspiration they need to create meals they love with ease; this innovative and fun augmented reality feature takes that experience to an entirely new level,” said Cervini. “It’s exciting to bring Allrecipes in to the Snapchat camera, encouraging the next generation of cooks to explore a wide variety of recipes and be even more creative in the kitchen.”

With Scan, Snapchatters can search through millions of Lenses in the fastest and easiest way possible: with the Snapchat camera. Scan makes it simple to find fun and informative Lenses from creators and partners, giving Snapchatters the power to identify hundreds of dog breeds, thousands of plants and trees, millions of songs and products.

Later this year, Allrecipes will serve up recipes to match any of the thousands of ingredients and dishes that the Snapchat camera can recognize. For example, a saltine cracker might turn up a Delightful Strawberry Dessert, taking a basic, ubiquitous ingredient and inspiring Snapchatters to create something unexpected. Scanning chickpeas may turn up a Chickpea Salad Recipe, and scanning lemons may yield Lemon Sugar Tea Cookies.

Allrecipes is the latest Meredith brand to cultivate a presence on Snapchat. PEOPLE magazine is already a long-time audience favorite on Snapchat Discover, and Southern Living recently completed the first season of its new Discover show Hey Y’all, which has been renewed for season two.

“Our brands have seen tremendous engagement with Snapchat and this partnership speaks to our commitment to providing exciting new experiences for our audiences on this platform,” said Meredith Digital President Alysia Borsia. “As we continue to lean into our social channels, we’re thrilled that Allrecipes is the exclusive brand powering the food category within Snapchat’s Scan feature.”

With this new Snapchat experience, Allrecipes further expands its collection of innovative digital and social consumer offerings that include experiences such as the Dinner Spinner mobile app, an Alexa skill, shoppable recipes, and a recently launched TikTok channel.

Allrecipes was launched in 1997, and has since become the largest community-driven source of recipes in the world. Allrecipes has a massive audience at, but it also provides recipes and other resources on other platforms including Allrecipes Magazine, apps, podcasts and even smart appliances.

Allrecipes Magazine, the magazine industry’s first large-scale digital-to-print brand extension, reaches an audience of more than 9 million.


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