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ARTiSTORY Partners With Brand Licensing Studios in Italy

UK-based ARTiSTORY is growing its team in Europe, as the company has entered into a sales agent agreement with Brand Licensing Studio in Italy.

The company says Brand Licensing Studio will focus on securing retail and brand partners in Italy to feature designs from ARTiSTORY’s biannually refreshed creative themes across their growing portfolio of art and cultural IP.

Italy is home to the largest number of luxury brands in the world, the company says, and many are looking to expand their presence internationally and appeal to new audiences.  ARTiSTORY is creating designs to appeal to these consumers, and content to engage them.

Established in 2018 by founder and veteran licensing specialist Ambra Farioli, Brand Licensing Studio is a boutique licensing agency specializing in creating brand extensions and merchandising programs for artists, design brands and iconic retro characters like Astro Boy. 

“Having spent 13 years working as a brand and licensing consultant, working for well-known companies in Italy, Ambra is well connected and experienced in the key categories we will be developing in Italy across both retail and brands,” said Natasha Dyson, co-founder and licensing director, at ARTiSTORY. “We’re very happy to have Ambra join the team and excited to work together to develop long-term partnerships in Italy.” 

Farioli, a licensing expert with more than ten years experience in working in sectors from entertainment to fashion, says she’s excited to work on art-related products with the ARTiSTORY team.

 “When Natasha invited me to join the amazing team of ARTiSTORY, I really felt honored,” said Farioli. “I have been working with several art IPs and I can say it is a growing trend, especially for the luxury industry. However, there are some difficulties in working with art pieces which ARTiSTORY overcomes as they have been able to perfectly translate artefacts for licensing. I am really looking forward to starting work with these IPs across multiple categories.”









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