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Asembl Appoints Wendy Garth as Brand and Licensing Director

Appointment Coincides with Asembl Welcoming Fleur Harris to Global Client Portfolio

Australia design, lifestyle and FMCG licensed brand extension agency Asembl has announced the appointment of Wendy Garth to the newly created position of Brand & Licensing Director – Design.

Garth will drive the development of the agency’s new Fashion and Design division, which launches this week with the global representation of timeless Australian artist and whimsical creative collaborator Fleur Harris.

“I am really excited to be joining Justin and the Asembl team to drive the growth of the fashion and design division,” said Garth. “Asembl continues to lead the way in new and innovative licensed brand extensions for a number of widely recognized international and local brands, so I am looking forward to working with the team on the Fleur Harris brand and significantly establishing it in the licensing space both here in Australia and globally,”

Artist and designer Fleur Harris represents a new type of client for Asembl.

Garth brings more than 20 years experience to the role as a leader in the creative, design, fashion, and licensing industries.

With a history of working for high profile clients and global brands with Warner Bros. for 13 years, Garth has extensive experience driving revenue and engagement across retail channels, digital platforms, and consumer experiences.

In her role for Asembl, Garth will steer the development of Fleur Harris’ intricate and magical designs into new product categories while also strategically extending and catapulting Fleur’s footprint around the world.

“Joining forces with Asembl is the perfect next step for the Fleur Harris brand,” said Harris. “I am excited to be working with such a highly experienced team to help me reach new audiences and explore new product categories in a way that maintains the integrity of my brand and its objective of making the world a more beautiful place.”

Harris is fast earning a global reputation through her collaboration with luxury Australian childrens wear label Tutu Du Monde, launching this month in international retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. The Fleur Harris brand is enjoying great homegrown success in Australia with highly successful collaborations with homewares retailer Adairs and Jimmy Cricket wallpapers.

Garth will continue to build upon Fleur’s growing fanbase internationally and as Asembl continues to grow and expand its fashion and design space, she will manage upcoming client licensing initiatives locally and globally.

“Wendy boasts enviable experience across design, creative and licensing which makes her an extremely valuable addition to our Asembl team,” said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson.  “As we enter our 6th year specializing in fashion, lifestyle and FMCG licensed brand extensions, I am excited to be adding Fleur Harris to our client portfolio.

“As a much-loved artist and creator of wonder and whimsy, Fleur Harris as a brand lends itself to incredible local and international licensing opportunities and we very much look forward to seeing Fleur’s work across new product categories and building her licensed opportunities across the world,”  Watson added.

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