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Book Licensing: The Snowman Prefers Biscuits To Carrots

Penguin Ventures has partnered with Fox’s Biscuits to launch The Snowman Biscuit Selection tin in time for Christmas this year.

The Snowman Biscuit Selection tin brings together two British brands that are synonymous with the festive season: Fox’s and The Snowman, Raymond Briggs’ timeless picture book and a much-loved animated film.

We’re delighted to have Fox’s on board as an official Snowman licensee,” said Anna Metcalfe, Hardlines category manager for Penguin Ventures. “The Snowman and Fox’s Biscuits are both an intrinsic part of the British Christmas and The Snowman Biscuit Selection tin will add some extra magic to families as they enjoy watching the film or reading the book this Christmas.”

The Snowman was created and illustrated by Raymond Briggs as a picture book, narrated entirely through hand-drawn illustrations and was first published in 1978. Now one of the world’s most popular picture books, The Snowman has sold more than 5.5 million copies globally and has been translated into 21 languages.

Adapted for screen by producer John Coates, the Oscar-nominated animation also launched on Channel 4 in its inaugural year in 1982 and has been repeated every Christmas in the UK ever since. The sequel, The Snowman and The Snowdog premiered on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve 2012 and was seen by over 10 million people over the festive period.

The Snowman brand enjoys an international audience with publishing, global broadcast, live events and a successful consumer products program, all of which are managed by Penguin Ventures, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House Children’s Books.

“The Snowman Biscuit Selection provides a delicious combination of classic Fox’s Biscuits for the whole family to enjoy whilst watching the animation this Christmas,” said Fox’s Biscuits Senior Brand Manager Bronwen Arthur. “Packaged in a beautiful Snowman tin, The Snowman is synonymous with family Christmases in Britain and the animation has aired at every festive season since 1982.”

Containing some of Fox’s best-loved biscuits, including a Chocolately Fudge Sundae in a specially designed Snowman foil wrapper, the festive biscuit selection offers families a new and delicious way to enjoy The Snowman this Christmas. Arthur says the tin features an iconic illustration from The Snowman and provides a perfect gifting opportunity as families get back together for Christmas gatherings this year.

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