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Brainbase Launches New IP Solution

Forget NFTs; when you’re trying to protect your IP, you need serious software designed for the job.

Brainbase says that’s exactly what it has launched this week, announcing the release of two new products that accompany the company’s existing licensing management platform, Brainbase Assist. The new software offerings are known as Brainbase File and Brainbase Vault, and are designed to form a complete product suite to manage every stage of the IP lifecycle, including trademark filing, trademark protection and intellectual property management and monetization.

Over the past four years, Brainbase has developed Brainbase Assist into the platform of choice for some of the world’s biggest licensed brands including BBC Studios, BuzzFeed, kathy ireland® Worldwide and Sanrio, among others. Brainbase’s new product, Brainbase File, will empower the earliest stage of the intellectual property lifecycle—filing a trademark—while Brainbase Vault offers an automated trademark protection, renewals and intelligence platform.

“Since the beginning, our vision for Brainbase has been to make the IP industry more open, efficient, and accessible,” said Nate Cavanaugh, co-founder and CEO of Brainbase. “With File and Vault added to our product ecosystem, customers can now manage their IP throughout the entire lifecycle, starting with filing a trademark, all the way through monetization.”

Brainbase File offers a simple and automated way to conduct a trademark search and filing, and an AI system that delivers lawyer-caliber trademark class choices. Brainbase File gives full transparency into the USPTO process with real time notifications and updates every step of the way, and enables users to secure domain names and social media handles in a single step.

After filing a trademark, users are taken to Brainbase Vault to actively monitor and automatically renew their IP, eliminating the burdensome process of trademark renewals. With a real-time dashboard that is seamlessly integrated with the USPTO database, Vault automatically monitors for infringements and generates cease and desist letters in seconds, providing best-in-class IP protection. Brainbase Vault will also offer licensing opportunities custom tailored to a company’s IP, which can then be managed using the Brainbase Assist platform.

“The launch of File and Vault broadens the Brainbase value proposition from the inception of a trademark all the way through to its monetization and downstream monitoring,” said Gautam Godse, Brainbase’s Senior Vice President of Product. “We have now created a world where founders and brand owners everywhere can more easily and inexpensively protect, manage and monetize their IP.”

Brainbase File users will also be able to unlock thousands of dollars worth of credits and discounts after filing their trademark from companies such as Google Domains, Stripe Atlas, Square, Wefunder, Hawke Media, Mercury Bank,, Bubble, Vanta and more.

The first 2,000 founders, entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere can take advantage of an introductory Brainbase File price of $199.


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