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Godzilla Crushes It With Monstrous New Fashions From HUF Worldwide

HUF Worldwide, the Los Angeles-based premium footwear and apparel brand, has launched a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by Japanese cinema’s world-famous King of the Monsters, Godzilla. The collection is being released in a licensing deal… . . . read more

Experiential Licensing: Embrace Your Inner Detective With MGM’s Pink Panther Adventure

The Pink Panther Diamond has been stolen, and fans are invited to help the bungling Inspector Clouseau crack the case. The interactive adventure is a new program launched by MGM through a licensed app called… . . . read more

Earthbound Brokers Delicious Deal With Girl Scouts and Stacy’s Pita Chips

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Stacy’s Pita Chips is launching a delicious partnership with Girl Scouts to help empower young girls in the US. Stacy’s is a woman-founded company that grew from a… . . . read more

Who’s News: Wasserman Music Hires On Three New Agents

The Wasserman Music agency has hired on veteran agents Andrea Johnson, Emily Yoon and Erika Noguchi. Wasserman says the three new agents add to the agency’s strength in symphonic performances, legendary artists with massive catalogs of… . . . read more

Licensing Tech: U of Massachusetts Latest to Adopt BrandComply College

Licensing software company Octane5 says the University of Massachusetts is the latest to adopt its BrandComply College licensing platform. The company developed BrandComply College to meet the specialized needs of universities and colleges dealing with… . . . read more

Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid Man Takes Up Skateboarding In DGK Collaboration

Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The next time you see the Kool-Aid Man smashing through a wall, he’s likely to be shredding the gnar in some rad DGK gear. DGK is a street skateboard and apparel… . . . read more

Crunchyroll Acquires North America’s Largest Anime Retailer

The anime streamer Crunchyroll has completed a strategic acquisition of Right Stuf, considered the largest retailer of anime products in North America. The Sony-owned streaming service announced on Aug. 4 that it had purchased Right… . . . read more

New Forum Launched for Companies Seeking Digital Entertainment Licenses

The first Entertainment X Tracks Forum will take place in November as a way to help retailers, licensing companies and licensees seeking new digital entertainment properties. The event was developed by Steven Ekstract, the founder… . . . read more

Licensing Conferences: B&LIS Unveils Speaker Lineup for New York Event

The Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit is living up to its name with a slate of speakers on everything from metaverse licensing and NFTs to sustainability and experiential entertainment. Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit (B&LIS) North… . . . read more

Alma’s Way Renewed for Season 2 as Licensing Campaign Heats Up

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief It looks like Fred Rogers Productions has another hit on its hands, as Alma’s Way has been renewed for Season 2 on PBS Kids. The show was created… . . . read more