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174 Million Americans Make the Biggest Black Friday Yet

All the date behind the five-day weekend: in-store versus online sales, millennials and teens, top destinations, and even international participation…

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46 Properties Make the $100+ Million Ent/Char List in 2016

Forty-six entertainment/character properties make our list of brands that generated over $100 million in retail sales of licensed merchandise in the U.S./Canada—Totalling over $43 billion in sales worldwide…

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Mass Channels Lead Corporate TM/Brand-based Licensed Sales

Discounters commanded a 36% share of all trademark/brand-based licensed goods sold in 2016, followed by supermarkets/grocery stores (28%) and dealers, wholesalers, and distributors (12%). The biggest…

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Holiday Spending

Tis the Season to be Creepy

Halloween spending is expected to reach $9.1 billion this year, with most of that on costumes. See the top pop-culture inspired selections…

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Retail Sales

Economics of Licensing

In 2016, licensed retail sales in the U.S./Canada make up just 0.005% of the total. But while the fraction is small, the growth rate of licensed sales has consistently outperformed…

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The Appeal Behind the Top $100+ Million Brands

The top $100 million entertainment/character brands aren’t equal when it comes to consumer engagement, awareness, and appeal…

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Licensing Law

Founders Beware: Retaining Ownership of IP

Leaving the company you founded can mean leaving your intellectual property behind, too. Guest writer Abraham Hamra explains…

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What’s So Special About Food?

The specialty food industry is worth an estimated $126 billion in the U.S., and represents one of the hottest growth areas for licensing. TLL visited the Summer Fancy Food Show for more…

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Walmart Steady as Top Retailer in the U.S.

Walmart remained steady in its No. 1 spot as the top retailer based on sales, while Amazon climbed and Target dropped. Dollar stores…

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Art Licensing Up 1.6%; Commercial Growth Steady

Sales of licensed art merchandise grew 1.6% from $5.67 to $5.75 billion in 2016, according to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. The sector’s steady growth…

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