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Children’s TV Licensing: Epic Story Media Signs Key Programming And Licensing Deals

Canadian content, distribution and licensing company Epic Story Media (ESM) has signed deals for both broadcast and licensing partners on a number of key titles across its slate of children’s programming, as well as debuting new MIPCOM launches.

Founded by Ken Faier, Epic Story Media launched in 2017 to put creators at the centre of compelling and engaging franchises for kids. In 2018 ESM secured strategic investment from Vancouver-based production and finance entity Bron Ventures. Epic now has an active and growing slate of properties in development working with some of the most talented creators around the world.

Leading those new agreements, ESM says it has sold evergreen brand Pocoyo to WarnerMedia Kids & Family U.S., which launched on Sept. 13, for its Cartoonito preschool block. ESM has also recently signed with Knowledge Network to air the series in Canada.

Owned by Zinkia Entertainment, Pocoyo is a fun and educational series about a little boy who discovers the world around him with his inseparable group of friends, now with a brand-new season available.

ESM and Mowrer Meta-Story have also partnered with Reesee Entertainment for its brand-new animated series Hailey and the Hero Hearts, which launched in China this summer on more than 40 mainstream linear and digital platforms.

Reesee has developed and is also distributing an expansive toy line in China. Hailey and the Hero Hearts has a social-emotional curriculum at its core and is primarily aimed at girls aged 4 to 8. ESM handles worldwide sales outside Asia for the series.

Speaking of worldwide sales, ESM is also launching a global sales campaign for Pet Shop Zombies, a comedic short-form series created by Aron Dunn (Treason Media) and Simon Watts (Alibi Pivotal Kids), with animation services provided at Loomi Animation and supported with the help of the Shaw Rocket Fund.

“ESM has an exciting slate of diverse and inclusive properties for kids of all ages,” said Faier. “We’re working with the best creators making and selling projects from around the world that kids will connect with and treasure. We’re proud to have secured fantastic collaborations with partners like Reesee Entertainment, WarnerMedia, and Knowledge Network on this dynamic bunch of shows.”

Other projects on the slate include the adventure/comedy, Dex and the Humanimals, produced by sister company Epic Storyworlds and commissioned by CBC Radio-Canada, which follows Dex as he saves the world from destruction by battling arch villain Kaz and her cybernetic henchmen; and Piper’s Pony Tales, a unique series created by Alexander Bar (Ricky Zoom, Wolf Joe) with support from Shaw Rocket Fund and the Canadian Media Fund (CMF). Piper’s Pony Tales launched earlier this summer as a digital-first property and has already secured Breyer as its Master Toy Partner for North America and LATAM.

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