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EMPIK Launches Frida Kahlo Collection with Art Ask Agency

The iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s works will be featured in a new collection of licensed products in collaboration with the Polish cultural retailer EMPIK, in a deal reached with Barcelona-based Art Ask Agency.

Art Ask says the Frida Kahlo licensing program continues to grow substantially, “despite these challenging times, and is pleased to announce its latest Frida Kahlo collection launch of licensed product in collaboration with Polish cultural retailer, EMPIK.”

Empik is one of the most recognizable and popular Polish brands, a socially responsible company that organizes different events each year such as meetings with authors and workshops. Established in 1948, and today at the forefront in the field of innovative, omnichannel solutions, EMPIK has a network of over 260 stores in the EU, and is one of the largest online stores in the Polish market, serving 90 million customers.

The new product collection has 48 different SKU’s in the categories of gifts, bags, accessories, stationery and home décor. Maria Strid, owner of Art Ask Agency says EMPIK has done an amazing job putting together a colorful collection embracing the iconic lifestyle brand Frida Kahlo that appeals to consumers of all ages, including the youngest segment.

“I want it all! Empik have done an amazing job on this range and I’m confident their customers will snap up these irresistible products,” said Strid.

EMPIK says they were inspired by Kahlo’s brilliant work, which are filled with life and vibrant colors.

“Frida Kahlo is a character that needs no introduction,” said Ewa Ziemnicka, Category Manager, EMPIK. “The Mexican painter is a colorful bird and an extremely expressive personality that has become an icon of feminism and a symbol of charisma and bold expression of her views.

“At EMPIK, we were inspired by the art and personality of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, and have brought this to our customers with our Frida Kahlo collection.”

The license for Kahlo’s works is held by The Frida Kahlo Corporation, which was formed in 2005 when the artist’s heirs transferred the rights for the purpose of marketing the trademarks, brands, images, photography, signature and other intellectual property.

Art Ask Agency says they are preparing for a launch of a second licensed collection with another brand from their roster in the month of March.

For more information on licensing opportunities for the Kahlo collection, contact Kirsty Satchel, Licensing Manager at the Art Ask Agency s.l., by email at


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