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TLL’s Guide to Product Categories

Product categories are based on the predominant way in which merchandise is classified by retailers and, by extension, licensors, manufacturers, and others in the business. Many products could fall within more than one classification. For example, plush could be considered either “Toys” or “Gifts/Novelties,” clocks could be “Housewares” or “Gifts/Novelties” or “Electronics,” and hair dryers could be “Electronics” or “Health/Beauty,” depending on the specific product, distribution channels, a given retailer’s approach, and other factors. The list below is representative of the types of products in each category.

NOTE: Larger sub-categories for which we break out retail sales are at the beginning of each list and are separated by semi-colons. Where there are no breakouts, products are separated by commas.


Eyewear; handbags, backpacks & messenger bags; headwear; hosiery; jewelry & watches; luggage & travel accessories; scarves & ties; other including bandanas, belts, buckles, gloves, small leather goods, suspenders, umbrellas, wallets.

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Beachwear, boxer shorts, dresses, fleece, intimates/lingerie, jackets, jeans, night shirts, pajamas, shorts, slacks, sportswear, suits, sweaters, sweatshirts and sweatpants, T-shirts, tuxedos, underwear, uniforms.

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Bath mats, bedding, blankets, curtains, fabric, laundry bags, pot holders, placemats, sewing patterns, table linens, towels.

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Electronics & Accessories

Cameras, camera/computer bags & sleeves, MP3, CD & DVD players, cameras, cell phone accessories, clock radios, clocks, coffee makers, foot massagers, hair dryers, home security systems, juicers, karaoke machines and content, kitchen appliances, personal stereos and game players, tablets, telephones, vacuum cleaners, waffle makers, walkie-talkies, weather radios.

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Baked goods, candy, cereal, cake mixes, chilled entrées, coffee, condiments, cookies, edible baking decorations, fresh produce, frozen meals, fruit snacks, gum, health bars, ice cream, juice, meats, milk, microwave meals, organics, snacks, soft drinks, sports drinks, tea, wine, yogurt.

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Athletic shoes, boots, designer shoes, flip-flops, hiking boots, pumps, sandals, shoelaces, shoes, slippers, sneakers.

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Furniture/Home Furnishings

Beanbag chairs, beds, bookcases, ceiling fans, chairs, desktop accessories, lamps, outdoor furniture, paint, picture frames, tables, toilet seats & covers, wall coverings & wall graphics.

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Air fresheners, animation cels, banks, bottle openers, bow-biters, boxes, candles, ceramic gift items, character clocks, Christmas ornaments and decorations, collectibles, commemorative coins and plates, die-cast collectibles, figurines, gumball machines, key chains, lapel pins, lighters, magnets, night lights, novelty watches, oven mitts, pencil toppers, pens, pre-paid phone cards, temporary tattoos & body art, wind socks.

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Fragrance; hair accessories; cosmetics, nail polish, & other, including adhesive bandages, blood pressure cuffs, bubble bath, cannabis-infused products for medical use, combs and brushes, condoms, dental floss, disinfectants, electronic thermometers, hair dryers, heart monitors, home manicure kits, lotions & hand sanitizers, massagers, shampoo, soap, tissues, toothbrushes & toothpaste, vitamins.

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Baking & cooking supplies, bath mats, bowls, canisters, carving sets, clocks, cookie jars, cups, desktop accessories, glassware, insulated beverageware, juice box holders, laminated placemats, lunch kits, lunchboxes, melamine tableware, mugs, plates, silverware, storage containers, tableware, water bottles.

Click to view Retail Sales of Licensed Housewares.

Infant Products

Baby bags, bottles, bassinets, bibs, bumper guards, cribs, diapers, diaper bags, high chairs, infant bedding, infant clothing, infant furniture, infant housewares, infant toys, mobiles, playpens, rockers, strollers.

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Activity books, audiobooks, bath books, book & CD/DVD packages, calendars, cloth books, coloring books, comic books, fine art/limited-edition/open-edition prints, magazines, novelizations, postcard books, posters, sound books, story books, e-book and e-book apps (where storytelling is primary and interactivity secondary).

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Sporting Goods

Backpacks, balls, barbells, bicycles, bowling balls, camping equipment, daypacks, firearms, fitness equipment, golf equipment & accessories, helmets & safety gear, ice skates, inflatable water toys, roller skates, skateboards, snowboards, sleeping bags, slumber bags, sports bags & equipment, sports uniforms, team uniforms, vinyl pools & water slides, wagons, water bottles, yoga mats.

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Address books, birthday candles, balloons, bookmarks, calendars, checks, diaries, gift bags, gift wrap, digital and print greeting cards, invitations, journals, memo boards, note cards, notepads, office supplies, paper party decorations, paper tableware, party goods, pens & pencils, postcards, rubber stamps & pads, school supplies, digital and print scrapbooking supplies, stickers, Valentine cards.

Click to view Retail Sales of Licensed Stationery and Paper Products.


Action figures, activity sets, arts & crafts sets, beach toys, board games, card games, craft & model kits, die-cast vehicles & models, dolls & accessories, dominoes, finger toys, flying discs, Halloween costumes/makeup/masks, hobby sets and supplies, kites, learning toys, marbles, playing cards, plush/stuffed toys, puppets, puzzles, rack toys, radio controlled toys, ride-ons, robotic toys, science kits, scooters, sound chip toys, trading cards, yo-yos.

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Video Games/Software/Interactive

Interactive games (console, online, mobile, downloadable and physical), apps (except e-books), educational software, productivity software, reference software, screen savers, utility software, arcade games, casino games & slot machines, e-mail messages, emoji/emoticons, electronic games (handheld & tabletop), pinball games, simulation software.

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Hardware & paint; gardening; pet products; funerary; automotive accessories; boats & vehicles; musical instruments; tobacco/smoking products; houses and home plans.

Click to view Retail Sales of Licensed Hardware & Paint, Gardening, Pet Products, Funerary, Automotive Accessories, Boats & Vehicles.

NOTE: Non-retail products and services are not included in this list of licensed merchandise categories, but comprise a growing sector of licensing. Examples include: content licensing, experiential licensing, educational services, travel services & cruises, dating services, location-based licensing, advertising and promotional licensing, and the like.