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Hit Game Star Stable Gallops Into Global Toy Deal With Just Play!

The Swedish games company Star Stable Entertainment has signed a global toy deal with leading consumer products company Just Play.

Just Play was founded by two toy industry veterans, Charlie Emby and Geoffrey Greenberg, in 2010 and has risen to become a top 10 toy company, according to NPD, for the past 5 years.

The deal will comprise toy rights for its successful gaming brand, Star Stable Online, via the Finnish/Canadian licensing and animation studio Ferly.

“I am really excited to finally see a gaming brand find itself into the physical world with such a fantastic global partner as Just Play,” says Laura Nevanlinna, CEO of Ferly. “This is a best-in-class continuation for Star Stable’s work on brand extensions, catering to its ever-expanding market.”

A screenshot from Star Stable Soul Riders, a horse adventure game designed primarily for female gamers.

Star Stable says the first toy line will hit the markets in 2023. The deal will see the partners develop a collectable range of dolls and horses based on some of the most beloved and iconic Star Stable characters from the game. It will also feature other must-have items for the dedicated Global fandom and for horse and animal lovers. Staying true to Star Stable’s commitment to putting its community first, there are also plans to gather input from its global fanbase during the product development process.

“The Star Stable brand has so many hugely dedicated fans all over the world,” says Taina Malen, CBDO of SSE. “We are so happy to be developing this toy line with Just Play so that we can keep sharing the values of Star Stable with them in different ways. Everything we do, we do with our players in mind, and this expansion of our brand into products that can be enjoyed physically and digitally should cater to the breadth and diversity of Star Stable players.”

Star Stable Online is a horse adventure game with more than 21 million registered users across 180 countries, and supported in 14 languages. The game is primarily intended for girls, and Malen says the studio is “proud to provide an expanding gaming and entertainment platform that inspires social connections, adventures, and creativity for an underserved community of gamers.”

Founded in 2011, Star Stable Entertainment has grown to become a multi-channel entertainment company: the home of an independent record label, animate d series, book series, comics, and mobile apps.

Inspired by the storylines from the game, the merchandise gives players the chance to enjoy their favourite characters in both the physical and digital world. The news follows the successful mobile launch of Star Stable Online in February 2022, which is now available globally for iOS users via the App Store.

“Star Stable is at the cross-section of traditional play patterns with evergreen resonance and digital gaming,” Sunny Lauridsen, SVP of Licensing and Brand Strategy at Just Play says. “We are excited to partner with Ferly to deliver truly ‘phygital’ experiences for today’s savvy consumer.”