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Precious Moments Renews Thomas Nelson As Publisher For Christian Books

Precious Moments, Inc. today announced the renewal of its licensing agreement with publisher Thomas Nelson, a provider of Christian content for more than 200 years. Thomas Nelson, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., will continue its work as publisher of Precious Moments Bibles, Bible storybooks, and children’s storybooks with religious content.

Precious Moments inspirational artwork lends itself well to faith-based content and provides a wonderful way to introduce and engage young readers in Bible stories,” says Carole Postal, President of Spotlight Licensing and Brand Management, the agency that brokered the renewal. Spotlight Licensing and Brand Management, Inc. ( is a New York City based boutique licensing agency specializing in representation of Entertainment, Art/Design, Digital properties and Character Brands. In addition to Precious Moments, Spotlight represents BOO The World’s Cutest Dog, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, ELMER the Patchwork Elephant, The Last Kingdom, and Little House on the Prairie among other properties.

Thomas Nelson’s Precious Moments publishing plans include a new version of the beloved International Children’s Bible Precious Moments Holy Bible from Thomas Nelson Bible Group and an expanded range of children’s storybooks starting with Precious Moments Little Book of Baby Animals from children’s book imprint Tommy Nelson.

Precious Moments characters have captured the hearts of young and old alike for more than 40 years, with their heartwarming depictions of faith, family, and friends. These soulful characters have come to personify the values of loving, caring, and sharing. The Precious Moments® Holy Bible has become a worldwide bestseller over the years with more than 14 million copies sold.

Precious Moments, Inc., headquartered in Carthage, Missouri, is the licensing division of Precious Moments Family of Companies. During its over 40-year history, Precious Moments has grown to become the cherished brand for life’s memorable moments. Precious Moments licenses its brand to well-known consumer products companies. Precious Moments items are available worldwide in gift, specialty, mass market, chain drug, department stores, Christian bookstores, and through online retailers.

Precious Moments Little Book of Baby Animals is a colorful board book for children ages 0-4 featuring lovable illustrations of animal families along with Scripture verses and poems about all the ways families take care of each other.  Precious Moments Little Book of Angels is another board book ideal for children ages 0-4, showcasing adorable illustrations of angels along with encouraging Bible verses to reassure little ones that they are always protected. Precious Moments My Bible Songbook is a board book with sweet, classic illustrations, and simple, easy to learn Bible songs and lullabies that teach little ones how they are precious in God’s sight.


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