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Sustainable Licensing: Smiley Gives The Planet Something to Smile About

The brand extension company Smiley says it has adopted an “Earth first” business strategy that puts sustainable practices first and foremost.

Called the 2023 Future Positive campaign, Smiley says the company’s goal is to become an “active ambassador for change … by supporting retailers, brands and consumer product industries to develop innovative solutions to transition to a positive future.”

“The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions,” Smiley points out. “People, and in particular Millennials and Gen-Z, are more concerned than ever about the planet’s well being. As a result, studies have unveiled an increase of 20% of Google search which proves the overall growing interest. For 33% of the consumers, brands are responsible for the environment.

“To tackle that global issue, Smiley will become an active ambassador for change through its Future Positive campaign.”

Smiley says the Future Positive campaign will bring together the most future-thinking brands to curate a range of limited-edition sustainable lifestyle products, infused with brand- experience and charitable giving opportunities.

By collaborating with and highlighting products with sustainability at its core, Smiley wants to pave the way for sustainable practices in the fashion industry. As a result, the company says its packaging, Point of Sale (POS), and brand assets will also be made from sustainable sources and 1% of the profits generated by Future Positive products to be donated to the 1% for the planet initiative.

Smiley also announced a 5-year plan that includes an increase of 25% for sustainable products with Future Positive branding, and the company aims to reach +100% sustainably committed lifestyle brands across collaborations and licensing deals.

The Future Positive campaign builds on the structure and processes Smiley has put in place to launch its 50th anniversary project in 16 countries over the world, 92 department stores and retail chains with 66 global brands.

Smiley’s non-profit Smiley Movement will be a part of the overarching business planning by supporting change-makers who are working to protect the planet. By connecting, Smiley’s brand- partners to its network of charities and social enterprises, the Smiley Movement is intended to add purpose to Smiley partnerships, creating meaningful engagements with consumers, and building a social legacy.

The Smiley Movement will actively promote the Future Positive campaign through its platforms: Smiley News, Smiley Talks and its podcast Defiant Optimism.

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