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Licensing Law

Court Nixes Lawsuit Over NFL’s Photo License

A group of photographers sued the NFL claiming that its exclusive licensing deal with the AP and Getty Images allowing the League to use stock images royalty-free are an illegal throttling of competition. But the New York federal court disagreed and dismissed the case. The exclusive deals didn’t reduce output of licensed NFL photos on the market or raise prices for consumers, said the court…

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Digital Goods

Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook

A federal judge in California said a lawsuit by hundreds of thousands of parents nationwide against Facebook could go forward as a class action. The suit contends that Facebook let kids use their parents’ credit and debit cards to buy the virtual currency Facebook credits and violated California law by citing its “all sales are final” policy in refusing refunds to parents who complained…

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Who Owns the Left Shark?

The loveable, rhythmically challenged “Left Shark” who stole the show during the Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime performance is at the center of a legal battle. Perry claims the dancing (and we use that term loosely) sea creature is her copyrighted intellectual property and sued Shapeways for selling Left Shark figurines without a license…

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Star Wars: Steer Clear of Celebrity Licensing Pitfalls by Adding 7 Protections to Your Contract

Licensing a celebrity’s brand is a great strategy for selling consumer products. But it’s also risky. Celebrities are temperamental, especially where their brand is concerned. And if a dispute ensues, that same fame that attracted you to the celebrity in the first place could work against you. Although each case is different, break-ups tend to follow common patterns…

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