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Licensing Conferences: B&LIS Unveils Speaker Lineup for New York Event

The Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit is living up to its name with a slate of speakers on everything from metaverse licensing and NFTs to sustainability and experiential entertainment. Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit (B&LIS) North… . . . read more

Licensing Expo Returns To Vegas For In-Person Conference

It’s been a long time since people in the licensing industry have been able to meet in person at a conference or trade show, but that changes in May next year. Licensing Expo  today announced… . . . read more

Winners Named For Licensing International Awards

The winners of the 2021 Licensing International Excellence Awards were unveiled last week in a virtual gathering that brought together nearly 1,000 industry executives from around the world to celebrate the best of the best…. . . . read more

Licensing Expo Announces Day One Keynote Speakers

Two top executives at Warner Bros. have been named as the keynote speakers on Day 1 of the upcoming Licensing Expo on Aug. 24. Pam Lifford is president of global brands and experiences with WarnerMedia,… . . . read more

SPLiCE Hosting ‘License To Play Globally’ Conference on April 26

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence (SPLiCE) is celebrating its 17th anniversary on Monday—which is also World IP Day—by hosting a conference on ways to protect,… . . . read more

SILC 2020 Confirms Speakers for Inaugural Licensing Conference

The first ever Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SILC) goes ahead with a virtual format Nov. 24-25, as SILC organizers announce they have confirmed a full agenda of keynote speeches, panel discussions and research presentations. The… . . . read more

New Licensing Conference Launches Virtually in November

There’s a new conference for the licensing industry, but like most event in the Year of Covid, the inaugural 2020 Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SILC) will be held virtually over two days in November.  Breaking… . . . read more