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Preschool Properties with $100+ Million in Retail Sales of Licensed Merchandise Worldwide

Preschool Properties with Licensed Sales of $100+ Million, Worldwide, 2015–2016
Note: Numbers include only products for preschoolers (e.g., older-skewing products for My Little Pony are not included). Includes only licensed and not in-house-produced merchandise (e.g., merchandise sourced by a Disney division for theme parks or Disney- owned stores is not included; toys tied to Hasbro-owned My Little Pony or Mattel-owned Thomas are not included). Includes DVDs, apps, and other digital content, if not in-house-produced.
(Figures in millions)
RankPropertyLicensorRetail Sales, Worldwide, 2016Retail Sales, Worldwide, 2015Change, 2015-2016Share of Worldwide Sales, 2016
1Winnie the PoohDisney$1,275$1,2502%10.0%
3Dora the ExplorerNickelodeon$933$9152%7.3%
4Sesame StreetSesame Workshop$925$9072%7.3%
5World of Beatrix Potter/Peter RabbitPenguin Random House$920$8933%7.2%
6Peppa PigeOne$841$7946%6.6%
7DoraemonShogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co.$557$5511%4.4%
8Miffy & FriendsMercis$489$4802%3.8%
9Doc McStuffinsDisney$360$3493%2.8%
10My Little PonyHasbro$359$3328%2.8%
11Paw PatrolNickelodeon$356$27032%2.8%
12Galinha PintadinhaBromelia$320$3084%2.5%
13Patati PatatáRinaldi Productions$232$2282%1.8%
14Masha and the BearAnimaccord$223$18024%1.7%
15Minnie's Bow-ToonsDisney$187$1842%1.5%
16Strawberry ShortcakeIconix Brand Group$167$1586%1.3%
17Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDisney$155$1531%1.2%
18World of Eric CarleEric Carle$144$1366%1.1%
19Sofia the FirstDisney$111$143-22%0.9%
20WigglesThe Wiggles Pty. Ltd.$105$1041%0.8%
Worldwide Total$12,758$11,9577%100.0%

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