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Toyota Tags Joester Loria To Give Its Licensing More Horsepower

Joester Loria Group (JLG) has won a major contract with one of the world’s largest automakers, being tapped for representation by Toyota.

Toyota Motor Sales, USA says JLG has been selected to develop licensed product extensions for their Toyota and Lexus brands. Through merchandising and collaborations, JLG has been engaged to activate programs which engage with Toyota and Lexus owners, as well as consumers looking for innovative quality products which are hallmarks for the brands.

Toyota is one of the world’s top automakers and a major manufacturer in North America, having built more than 40 million cars and trucks in its 14 manufacturing plants, 10 of which are in the United States. Toyota’s 1,800 North American dealerships have sold more than 2.4 million cars and trucks in 2020, of which 2.1 million were sold in the U.S.

JLG says it will work closely with Toyota and Lexus teams to tap into each brand’s unique positioning to deliver programs which will increase engagement with consumers. Programs will range from collaborations with third party brands to merchandise across lifestyle apparel and accessories, toys and games, electronics, interactive and more.  

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Toyota and Lexus, two brands with rich history, passionate consumers and dynamic marketing campaigns,” said Michael Almeida, vice president, Joester Loria Group. “We believe there is great potential to tap into the incredible portfolio series to delight consumers with exceptional brand extensions.”

Both the Toyota and Lexus brands have qualities that licensees love, say company executives. Toyota is known for its great reliability and rugged trucks and SUVs, like the sector leading Tacoma compact pickup truck. “Our consumers are passionate about the Toyota brand,” said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president of Toyota Marketing. “Licensed product extensions provide another platform of engagement with the legendary vehicles they love.”  

Lexus, on the other hand, is known for luxury and elegance, combined with high performance. The brand’s portfolio spans luxury sedans, coupes and best-selling SUVs, in a range of powertrains including hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. 

“At Lexus we create amazing experiences by transforming function into emotion, performance into passion and technology into imagination,” said Vinay Shahani vice president of Lexus Marketing. “Through new partnerships we can create even more amazing Lexus experiences beyond our vehicles.”  

Anyone interested in licensing deals with Toyota or Lexus can contact the Joester Loria Group for more information. The Licensing Letter’s Licensing Sourcebook Online has five listed contacts at JLG which you can ACCESS HERE by searching for Joester Loria. 

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