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Patricia Nash Designs Appoints Evolution As Licensing Agency

Patricia Nash Designs, a designer brand of leather handbags, jewelry, and accessories, has appointed Evolution USA as the licensing and brand management agency for relevant category extensions. Evolution is being tasked with developing and managing a full-scale licensing program including identifying retail and licensee partnerships with initial focus on the North American market.

The Patricia Nash brand, inspired by travel, memories, vintage craftsmanship and a sense of family will focus on natural category extensions that preserve the integrity and quality of the brand. Newly licensed categories will include a broad assortment of indoor and outdoor home furnishings and housewares, tabletop and drinkware, women’s dresses and resort wear, women’s swimsuits and cover-ups, sleepwear and slippers, and an extended line of accessories including watches, sunglasses, gifts and candles, stationery and paper goods and pet accessories. The applicable product extensions will mirror the current retail distribution channels of the core Patricia Nash product categories. Under the agreement Patricia Nash Designs will continue to produce, market, and distribute leather handbags, accessories, jewelry, and men’s accessories directly.

“As we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2020, we felt it was time to take the brand to new audiences,” said founder and CEO Patricia Nash. “Our signature prints have become synonymous with the brand and many customers have asked if we would extend to other categories. We have a great opportunity to show our beautiful prints, for example on throw pillows, bedding or even a beautiful, printed leather chair. I envision all of these new categories having the same design aesthetic as  current assortments, thus creating a cohesive design and impactful and exciting merchandising story in the market.

“We chose Evolution because of their shared passion for our brand’s DNA and hands-on team,” Nash added. “They have  a vast history of building brand extensions on both the retail and wholesale sides of the industry.”

Notable Patricia Nash design elements like the use of vegetable tanned full-grain leather, the iconic signature map with a nod to world travel, collectible romantic prints, artisan tooling and mastery of vintage-inspired collections will be visible throughout the brand extensions.

“The Patricia Nash brand is one of the biggest and most respected brands in the designer brand leather goods space,” said Travis J. Rutherford, founder and chief revenue officer of Evolution. “The brand has such a distinct aesthetic within the industry, as well as a clear sense of where they want to take their brand to ensure they’re everywhere their customers shop. We are excited to work with them to get there.”


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