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Casetify Releases New Disney Princess Line

Casetify has announce a new collection in partnership with Disney, allowing smart phone owners to unleash their inner princess.

The new line announced this week comes as part of a longer campaign entitled Be Your Own Princess. The fourth installment of this collaboration joins Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, with the collection launching online at Fans can sign up now for the waitlist, which grants priority access on launch day, July 29.

“The most magical thing about Disney Princess characters is that everyone can be one,” says Wes Ng, chief executive officer and co-founder, Casetify. “Their charisma, kindness and bravery inspire us to be our own true, authentic self while celebrating what makes each one of us unique —a core value to the members of our own community.”

The new collection features popular characters such as Disney’s Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan and Tiana. For example, consumers will be able to buy the brand’s first beaded phone strap, fashioned with pearly beads and gemstones. Accessories are designed based on the personality of each of the Disney Princess character’s personality, including sticker-like icons on the cases.

The designs in this collection are expanding to include more tech accessories, Casetify says. For example, these will include Disney Princess designs for AirPod cases and even custom cases for Apple’s new AirTags, constructed in sustainably sourced materials and outfitted with a metal hook. The collection also includes a new Princess Pocket Mirror Case, a reflective iPhone case that can be customized by selecting the buyer’s favorite Disney Princess and adding their name or monogram to the creation.

The collection supports a range of iPhone sizes, with case types including the drop-proof Impact Series and Custom Mirror Case, in addition to two brand new case types: the Glitter Impact Case and Ultra Compostable Case.

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