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Aerosoles Launches Laura Ashley Collection

Aerosoles is launching a comprehensive new line in a special collaboration with the British heritage and fashion brand Laura Ashley.

Established in London in 1953, Laura Ashley is one of the world’s best-loved fashion and home furnishings brands.

The collection is now available for purchase through and, and offers a carefully curated assortment of fashion silhouettes with a modern twist, in which Aerosoles’ ethical, vegan materials with Laura Ashley’s nostalgic prints. Aerosoles AWARE x Laura Ashley brings Aerosoles’ refreshed and modern brand positioning to the forefront, providing stylish footwear essentials that women love to wear.

“We’re thrilled to partner with this beloved lifestyle label during such a pivotal moment in Aerosoles’ history,” said Aerosoles CEO Alison Bergen. “A collaboration between the brands was a natural fit, celebrating the statement-making mix of Laura Ashley’s legendary archive prints with Aerosoles’ footwear design expertise.”

In line with Aerosoles’ efforts to help create a better planet through a reduced carbon footprint, the project utilizes beautiful premium vegan materials to create the new line, further supporting the brand’s mission for a more sustainable future. In addition, Aerosoles has pledged one per cent of sales to non-profit organizations vetted by 1% for the Planet—a global movement of purpose driven businesses.

“Creating a footwear collection with Aerosoles is a natural extension for the brand,” said Penne Cairoli, President of Laura Ashley USA. “Lending our iconic prints to a fashionable yet wearable and eco-conscious capsule is a perfect fit for our customers who see Laura Ashley as an extension of their personal style.”

In conjunction with this exciting footwear collaboration, Aerosoles has also curated a digital Cottage Shoppe of vintage Laura Ashley styles and complementary fashion and home decor pieces. The shoppe’s focus on quality second-hand pieces reinforces Aerosoles’ growing commitment to sustainable practices and encourages mindful shopping. Featured exclusively on, the Cottage Shoppe presents a fresh take on cottage-inspired romanticism, harmoniously balancing nature and elevated style.

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