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Amazon Unveils Top Toy List For Xmas 2021

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

Amazon made a list, checked it twice, and issued its top toy list for the holidays, which you can buy online whether you’re naughty or nice.

Amazon says its Toys We Love list is the longest its ever compiled, and it includes more than 70 family-friendly products that are found exclusively on Amazon. Many of those are new entrants in the toy sector, released strategically before the Christmas season.

“We’re so excited to unveil this year’s Toys We Love list, which features more new products and Amazon exclusives than ever before,” said Anne Carrihill, Amazon’s director for toys and games. “Customers will discover family-friendly gift ideas that spark imagination, promote inclusion, and help kids learn in fun and engaging ways.”

Another interesting aspect of the list is that it appears to confirm a new strategy for Amazon that TLL revealed earlier this week. (See link below for the full story). As owner of Prime Video, Amazon now appears to be combining their streaming service with their ecommerce business, and leveraging both to create deals in which Amazon gets exclusive access to a consumer product line, while also getting the content.

How LEGO’s Monkie Kid Deal With Amazon Could Change Toy Licensing

The case in point was LEGO’s hit series Monkie Kid, which posted huge viewing numbers in Asia, and is now going to be airing on Prime Video. Additionally, the toy lines spinning off from Monkie Kid will be sold exclusively through Amazon.

In the company’s statement on this year’s Toys We Love list, Amazon made a special point of noting the relationship between its streaming content and its consumer product deals.

 “Later this fall, we’ll also add new toys to our holiday lineup from two animated series: the new Amazon Original series Do, Re & Mi, and LEGO Monkie Kid, which is an Amazon Kids+ exclusive in the U.S.,” said Carhill.

Amazon’s statement on the list also included a prominent ad for Monkie Kid.

Richard Gottlieb, CEO of the Global Toy Experts, says Amazon leveraging its streaming service with its product distribution business is a game changer that other retailers and streamers will struggle to overcome.

“I mean, Walmart, Amazon and Target can all sell lots and lots of product, but what Amazon has that Walmart and Target do not have is the ability to stream video to a very broad audience,” said Gottlieb. “This will deepen and broaden brand equity, brand visibility, and should really boost sales. It’s huge.”

What you’ll find on the list

The Toys We Love list annually curates the toys and games that Amazon finds have really caught the imagination of children through the year, and is intended to “take the guesswork out” of Christmas shopping.

“The Toys We Love list features gifts for all ages and interests, including gifts for your block builders, dough sculptors, and doll collectors. We also have the perfect gifts for young princesses, princes, and superheroes, and for family game nights.”

Amazon says many of these are perennial favorites. “Some of our favorite gifts include toys from Barbie, Fisher-Price, LEGO, Little Tikes, L.O.L. Surprise!, Melissa & Doug, NERF, Play-Doh, Rainbow High, and Ravensburger, as well as characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Raya and The Last Dragon, Blue’s Clues & You!, Bluey, and Paw Patrol the Movie,” the company says but adds there are newer offerings on the list as well.

The section below is taken directly from Amazon’s recommendations for its Toys We Love list.

“Science, coding, and engineering buffs will learn with Osmo Math Wizard and STEM kits from National Geographic. Fans of Disney can collect our 12 limited edition toys in the 2021 Disney Treasures From the Vault plush collection, available exclusively at Amazon.

Launching this fall, shop toys inspired by the Amazon Original Series Do, Re & Mi, a show about the musical adventures of three bird friends who live in a world filled with melodies. Also available will be toys from the LEGO Monkie Kid, an animated series inspired by a Chinese legend, now available exclusively on Amazon Kids+ in the U.S. and coming to Prime Video later this fall.

You also won’t want to miss the Climate Pledge Friendly DIY bird houses by Toysmith that are made with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Climate Pledge Friendly is an Amazon program created to help customers easily discover and shop for more sustainable products. Look for the Climate Pledge Friendly label when shopping in our store.

Also check out the Fro Puffy Bee baby doll by Orijin Bees, a brand that promotes representation and encourages self-love through imaginative play. Orijin Bees is part of Amazon Launchpad, a program that supports small brands, entrepreneurs, and startups and provides a place for customers to discover their innovative products. You can discover more Amazon Launchpad products from Black-owned businesses, like Orijin Bees, and read their stories, at the Black-Owned Meet the Launchers page.

New this year, visit Amazon Pop Up locations in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Seattle, and in California in Glendale and West Hollywood. Starting November 2, customers are invited to step into a wintry wonderland where they can discover, play with, and purchase toys from Hasbro, LEGO, and Osmo, as well as Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. In addition, customers will also find a selection of toys at Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star locations throughout the holiday season.

View the full list of Amazon Toys We Love.


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