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Art Licensing: Art Ask Unveils Two New Deals For Frida Kahlo

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

The Frida Kahlo brand’s licensing program continues to grow as the brand acquires new licensing deals with Puma and Tatty Devine.

Art Ask Agency and Tatty Devine have launched a Frida Kahlo inspired jewellery collection in celebration of the revolutionary artist and feminist.

“For me, Tatty Devine is an iconic jewellery brand and a very desirable partner for the Frida Kahlo licensing program,” said Maria Strid, Owner of Art Ask Agency. “We are delighted with this launch.”

The collection of over 20 different pieces honors the renowned Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and will be launching on what would have been her 115th birthday, July 6, 2022.

The product range includes necklaces, earrings, broaches and pendants, all designed and handmade by Tatty Devine’s all-female team.

“We are delighted to have worked with Art Ask Agency,” said Rosie Wolfenden MBE and Harriet Vine MBE, the Co-Founders of Tatty Devine. “Frida Kahlo has always been one of the most inspiring, important and iconic artists to us both; she was unique which she embraced, embellished, and documented. Jewellery mattered to Frida and became part of her visual identity just as we hope this collection will become part of others’.”

In another deal announced this week, PUMA has partnered with the Frida Kahlo corporation and OEG Latino to launch an apparel and accessories collection in honor of the inspirational Mexican painter.

PUMA is a popular sports brand that has been designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories for over 70 years.

The Frida Kahlo licensed collection is part of the new Female Artist Series by the company, an initiative that aims to promote equality and female artists.

Through the PUMA Artist Series, PUMA is creating a new dimension to the She Moves Us campaign by creating products with purpose in partnership with legendary and rising artists.

The Frida Kahlo Corporation owns the trademark rights and interests to the name Frida Kahlo worldwide. OEG Latino is a brand management and licensing agency that represents the licensing rights of Frida Kahlo in North America. These two company’s work closely together to expand the reach of the Frida Kahlo name and artistic legacy.

The PUMA x FRIDA KAHLO collection will be available on the PUMA website, PUMA stores and select retailers starting in Summer 2022.

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