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Artist Maureen Claffy Signs With 2020Brands

2020Brands announced this week it will be representing popular Chicago-born artist Maureen Claffy, who produces large scale, mixed-media modern art that speaks to the soul. 

“Her work pairs reverence for what spiritually connects us—family, love—with a commitment to rich color and vivid form,” said Kristin Edstrom of 2020 Brands. “Blending watercolor, fluid acrylic, colored pencils and ink. Claffy has created a signature aesthetic capable of expressing deep emotion, celebrating beauty, and engendering human connection.”

Maureen Claffy is renowned for paintings that burst with bright, colorful brush strokes, prolifically creating a portfolio that includes large canvas paintings, collage, watercolor on paper, and sketch drawings. Her work hangs in the homes of private collectors across the world, was featured on digital billboards nationwide in July 2020, and can be found at The Drake Hotel in Oak Brook, Illinois.  

“The opportunity to license my work is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Truly, for decades, I have dreamed of being the next Marimekko,” Maureen Claffy said. “I love working with Kristin. She is a true professional who shares my vision for the world being more beautiful, colorful and full of love because the products we surround ourselves with daily carry that message through art. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you in your own work.”

Claffy’s artwork has been translated onto high quality scarves and athleisure wear (in partnership with non-profit organization Reclaim 13), athletic-wear and beautifully printed notecards.  When she isn’t painting, says Edstrom, Claffy is “reading about painting, dreaming about painting and working to build a world where love reigns supreme.  

“I’m very excited to have the privilege of expanding Maureen Claffy’s artwork to multiple new key categories,” Edstrom added.

Maureen Claffy Artwork is available for licensing in fashion, apparel, athleisure, accessories, home décor textiles, bed & bath among other categories. View over 300 available high-resolution images of Maureen Claffy Art and product licensing opportunities here:

Anyone interested in licensing opportunities can contact Kristin Edstrom at 2020Brands:



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