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ARTiSTORY Grows UK Licensing Team

The art and culture licensing firm ARTiSTORY has appointed museum licensing expert Liz Bowers as the Head of Business Development in the UK.

Co-founder and licensing director Natasha Dyson says Bowers brings a wealth of experience in building commercial growth for the cultural heritage sector. 

“I’m very happy to welcome Liz to the team,” Dyson added. “From the outset I was very impressed with Liz’s experience in the museum sector and the results she’s achieved. Not only does Liz have a commercial background but she also brings a wealth of knowledge on how heritage organisations operate, which will benefit the business in many ways.”

Liz Bowers, newly appointed head of Business Development at Artistory.

Formerly Head of Publishing and Brand Licensing for Imperial War Museums and Senior Commercial Manager at Royal Museums Greenwich, she has also supported brand extension as a Licensing Consultant for the Ashmolean Museum and the V&A.

Bowers joins a growing team of licensing experts at ARTiSTORY and will focus on securing licensing partners across a range of categories for ARTiSTORY’s growing client list, which includes some of the world’s most prestigious museums and cultural institutions.

With its Artefacts to Merchandising capabilities ARTiSTORY brings art and cultural IP licensing to the retailers and consumer brands around the world.  ARTiSTORY creates original illustrations and assets that are inspired by art and culture for use on product and packaging, as well as  developing unique shopping experiences with storytelling at its core.

“I’m thrilled to have joined ARTiSTORY at such an exciting time” said Bowers. “I was immediately excited by ARTiSTORY’s business model which is a game-changer for the cultural sector. Our global museums have such a wealth of assets and ARTiSTORY will help to bring these incredible collections and stories to life for new audiences.”

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