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Berenstain Bears Licensed For SolidRoots Games

The toy and game designer Solid Roots is previewing a new line of Berenstain Bears games in October, following a licensing agreement with Random House Children’s Books. The full launch of the line is expected to come out in spring of 2022.

Random House and the Berenstain Bears franchise recently selected SolidRoots as its licensee to produce games “that appeal to a child’s sense of humor,” and that reflect the family-friendly theme established in the franchise, which started publishing in 1962.

“Having grown up with the Berenstain Bears, I feel incredibly honored to partner with them, and create games for a new generation,” said SolidRoots Co-Founder/Creator Jen Armstrong. “Our goal as a company is to reimagine what family-friendly games can be, so getting to work with the Berenstain family, who have so much experience in this space, is really a dream come true.”

SolidRoots says it will showcase its line of Berenstain Bears-themed games in October, with the final versions expected to land on store shelves in spring of 2022. Prices will range from $9.99 to $24.95 for children ages 4 to 8 years old. The license agreement runs from June 2021 through December 2024.

The young toyco SolidRoots is on a roll this year. The family-run toy company was just named to the 2021 edition of MOJO Nation 100, celebrating the 100 most influential figures working in toy and game design. Their launch last year of Mind The Gap earned a top spot on Toys R Us Canada’s Top Toys of 2020 and was a finalist in the ASTRA Best Toys for Kids in the Games category, and their award-winning escape room game series Trapped secured U.S. distribution last year.

The company fully expects to realize similar success with the popular Berenstain Bears franchise, says SolidRoots co-founder Chris Armstrong. “We have some incredible ideas on how to bring the heart of the Berenstain Bears stories alive through play,” he said.

Mike Berenstain, the co-author and creator of the Berenstain Bears, says family-oriented games fit perfectly with the theme of his many books. “The Berenstain Bears enjoy nothing more than an evening of family game-time in their cozy treehouse home,” said Berenstain. “I’m delighted to be partnering with SolidRoots in bringing games featuring the Berenstain Bears to human families everywhere!”

SolidRoots takes its name from the philosophy that having strong roots is about connection to something deep and meaningful. The company was founded by wife and husband duo Jen and Chris Armstrong, who say they are on a mission to create unique content, products and experiences that bring players closer to their friends and families.

Since launching their game company in 2017, SolidRoots has created a line of games sold in retailers across the world. Look for Mind The Gap, Trapped, Ma’s Deep Shinola, Momo’s Shanghai Rummy, Fright, Manic Minute and other titles at


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