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Boat Rocker’s Dino Ranch Lassoed by Disney

The highly rated kids show Dino Ranch from Boat Rocker Studios has been snapped up in a deal with Disney+ that will see the program air in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand starting in April.

The show takes dinosaurs from Jurassic Park to a Jurassic farm, with a cute assemblage of dinosaur steeds that has already premiered for audiences on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW in the US and Canada in January.

Dino Ranch was an almost instant hit with kids on Disney Junior in the US, ranking as the #1 US cable series among Kids, Boys and Girls 2-5 since launch, notes Boat Rocker. Among Disney Junior repeats, Dino Ranch also ranks #1 with Kids, Boys and Girls 2-5. Also available on DisneyNOW and VOD, Dino Ranch has been the #3 Disney Junior long-form series for three consecutive weeks. Two episodes have been posted on Disney Junior’s YouTube channel (“Big Jon, Big Trouble” and “Spookasaurus”) and have amassed over 1.5 million views collectively. In the six weeks since the launch of the official Dino Ranch YouTube channel it has accumulated over 3 million views.

‘Dino Ranch’, created by Matt Fernandes of Industrial Brothers and produced by Industrial Brothers and Boat Rocker Studios, follows the action-packed exploits of the Cassidy family, who are ranchers with a difference; Their steeds are dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes who are also their best friends. As the three adopted young Cassidy rancheroos, Jon, Min and Miguel, learn the ropes, they discover the exciting adventure involved in ranch life, and tending to the dinosaur sanctuary, while navigating their ultimate playground, the great outdoors.

This thrill-a-minute series, packed with comedic, mischievous fun, introduces preschoolers and their parents to a place where they can discover the exhilarating blend of dinosaurs and ranch life set-in wide-open plains. The series also highlights the value of hard work, and commitment to teamwork as they pull together to look after the dinosaurs on the working farm.

Dino Ranch has proven to be popular globally, as the deals with Disney follow other recent global sales of ‘Dino Ranch’ to Super RTL/Toggo Plus (Germany), Gulli plus TiJi and Gulli Africa (France), NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland) and DR (Denmark).



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