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Brand Central Announces E-Commerce Division

The global licensing consultancy Brand Central announced this week the launch of its new e-commerce division through a partnership with LA-based e-commerce platform provider, The Missing Piece.

The move comes as brands and retailers have shifted massively toward e-commerce, a trend accelerated by pandemic restrictions in 2020 and continuing into 2021. Brand Central says the new platform was developed as many of Brand Central’s clients are seeking an easy, fast, and turnkey solution to create e-commerce stores to showcase their core products and licensed products.

“We are excited to be able to offer licensors, licensees, and retailers a one-stop-shop that integrates award-winning agency talent and the power of e-commerce in a wholly cohesive strategy built for a changing landscape of consumer interaction,” said Brand Central CEO Ross Misher. “Without the workflow inefficiencies of third parties, Brand Central, powered by The Missing Piece, specializes in speed-to-market programs connecting brands to fans through innovation, activation, and amplification.”

The partnership with The Missing Piece enables Brand Central and new clients to have a seamless experience managing their licensing program and e-commerce initiatives.

“Right now, we’re entering a retail renaissance, said The Missing Piece COO Bridget Moore. “The way brands connect with their fans is changing, becoming more direct and more personal. This partnership offers clients the potential to cater to their consumers in a fresh new way.

“The Missing Piece will bolster Brand Central’s core offering and further defining its footprint in the market.”

Brand Central powered by the Missing Piece in-house offerings include product design, development, strategy, e-commerce store design, development and management, production, fulfillment, and consumer and marketing support.

The services will consist of manufactured products with inventory on hand and print on demand, personalization, and customization, and quick “pop up” shops for any campaign. The division will offer a full range of products across all categories.


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