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Brevettar Announces Multi-Year Deal With Ikonick

By Allison Watkinson

TLL Reporter

Brevettar has announced a new collaboration between Upper Deck and Ikonick to create a collection of artistic designs showcasing current and past sports superstars.

“Brevettar is very pleased to extend Upper Deck’s relationship with some of the world’s most celebrated athletes into the category of inspirational wall art through Ikonick.” said Stu Crystal, General Manager of Brevettar.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to offer life-long sports fans a modern and innovative way to celebrate the athletes they most admire.”

Upper Deck is a private company known for producing trading cards and sports memorabilia. Brevettar is the exclusive licensing agent for Upper Deck.

Brevettar is a full-service sports licensing agency that maximizes revenue by connecting brands with strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities.

The multi-year agreement brokered by Brevettar will authorize the creation of a collection of limited-edition digital art photography designed by Ikonick on canvas and other mediums. The collection will showcase well-known athletes such as Wayne Gretzky, LeBron James, and Tiger Woods.

Ikonick is a West-Coast based art brand that produces exclusive art collections based on popular culture. Originally founded in 2016, Ikonick has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce art producers in the world.

Some of the exclusive designs for the Upper Deck and Ikonick collection will be created by the renowned digital artist and co-founder of Ikonick, Jeff Cole.

“With a lot of traditional art, it’s subjective and left open for interpretation. said Cole.

“Our art serves a more direct functional purpose; that’s a major differentiator for us. Our DNA represents personal accountability. There’s power to our product and how we feel when we use them. Brevettar was instrumental in creating this collaboration with Upper Deck’s top athletes and allowing us to showcase the unique aspects of our brand.”

The Upper Deck and Ikonick art collection is currently available for purchase on the official Ikonick website and in select retail outlets.









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