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Collaborations Licensing New Agent For World’s Best Apron Maker

Collaborations Licensing has announced this week a new partnership with Hedley & Bennett, arguably the best and most innovative apron brand in the world.

While many people think an apron is an apron is an apron, most Michelin chefs would disagree. Since 2012, Hedley & Bennett has been creating better working, better looking kitchen workwear for both professional and home consumers alike, working to make the most functional, most durable and most beautiful aprons worn by everyone from the most talented professionals in the world to the home cook just starting their cooking journey. 

Hedley & Bennett aprons are worn by half of the 3-Michelin Star restaurants in the United States, over 6,000 restaurants worldwide, and across a wide array of entertainment programs including Bravo’s Top Chef, Michelle Obama’s Waffles & Mochi, NBC’s Making It, and many more.

That success has come about in record time. H&B was founded less than a decade ago, in 2012, when Founder/CEO Ellen Bennett, while working as a line cook, was inspired to create a “better apron” that would impart a sense of pride and dignity in all who wore them. It turned out the idea was revolutionary, and soon became the preferred apron of chefs across the country. In the years since, Hedley & Bennett has branched out beyond aprons to chef coats, work shirts, shoes and socks to outfit the entire team and chef-approved home kitchen essentials, from a sleek knife bag to towels, napkins, table runners and more.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Hedley & Bennett,” said Jason Kletzky, President, Collaborations Licensing. “Their aprons are beautiful, and all of their product is made with love and appreciation for quality and function, which speaks loudly to us here at Collaborations.  The landscape for great licensed product that lives in the kitchen or at the BBQ is very limited, and we are excited to work with the Hedley & Bennet team to deliver product to fandoms in category that is definitely underserved!”

In addition to their core apron business, the company has also expanded their product assortment to include other kitchen and homewares, including but not limited to potholders, oven mitts, tote bags, smocks, linens, and kitchen towels. Collaborations Licensing will be working to expand the company’s horizons even further through a variety of licensing opportunities.

“We are so excited to work with Jason and the Collaborations team as we develop this new program for partnerships and licensing opportunities,” said Evan Schlossberg, Chief Growth Officer, Hedley & Bennett. “Through this new relationship Hedley & Bennett will provide our customers with new ways to show up and express their individuality while cooking.” 

Collaborations says their team will work closely with Hedley & Bennett to assist in developing a key licensing program, identify the right opportunities and partners for collaborations, and help execute and create beautiful co-branded products.


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