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Collectibles Licensing; Hasbro Laces Up For NBA Partnership on Starting Lineup

The sports collectible brand Starting Lineup is back, thanks to a new partnership between Hasbro, the NBA, and the National Basketball Players Association.

Launching this fall in partnership with Fanatics, the Starting Lineup brand will feature legendary NBA superstars as part of its first wave of collectible figures.

The new collectibles will be available for pre-order starting Sept. 22 exclusively on Hasbro Pulse and across the Fanatics network of online sites, including and official league stores.

The Starting Lineup collectible will also include an exclusive, officially licensed Panini NBA trading card.

“The NBA and NBPA are tremendous partners for the return of the Starting Lineup brand, and we cannot wait for fans to experience some of the biggest names in the league as action figures,” said Eric Nyman, President and COO of Hasbro. “The return of one of the most beloved sports collectibles brands of all time would not be complete without the inclusion of fan-favorite NBA superstars.”

Hasbro says the return of the Starting Lineup brand will continue its legacy of bringing fans and collectors their favorite athletes in action figure form but with design like never before in a highly articulated 6” scale.

“We look forward to the relaunch of Starting Lineup in the coming months as we meet the excitement of our fans and additionally introduce a new generation to these collectibles,” said Brian Keegan, Head of Trading Cards, Memorabilia and Hardgoods at the NBA. “Through our partnership with Hasbro, these figures provide our fans a unique opportunity to build upon their connection to our game and their favorite players.”

The NBPA is just as excited, says Inky Son, VP of Licensing for THINK450, the innovation engine of the NBPA.

“We are thrilled to be partners with Hasbro and Panini in relaunching this iconic brand. Working together, we hope to continue to reimagine the possibilities for sports collectibles and action figures while also amplifying our collective players’ profiles on these platforms,” said Son.

The Starting Lineup brand developed a massive following by bringing sports enthusiasts figures of their favorite superstar players, accompanied by a trading card, for more than a decade. The introduction of notable NBA players will be the first of an all-new era of major athletes joining its classic heritage. Hasbro is also working with OneTeam Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based firm, on the athlete and creative marketing campaign.

For more information on the upcoming launch of the Starting Lineup brand, visit Hasbro Pulse | Where Fans Come First or follow the Starting Lineup brand at @StartingLineupOfficial on Instagram and Facebook, as well as @SLUOfficial_ on Twitter.

You can download high-resolution video of the latest teaser trailer here.

More Background on Starting Lineup

Sports Licensing: Starting Lineup is Back in Hasbro x Fanatics Collaboration




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