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Crayola Draws New Org Chart For Future Growth

The creativity company Crayola is restructuring to support its focus on children’s entertainment content and location-based experiences.

These areas are seen as key growth vectors for Crayola, a company founded in 1903, but with its focus firmly on the future.

Since 1903 Crayola says it has pursued its mission to help parents and teachers to raise “creatively alive children.” As part of that ongoing commitment, Crayola has continued to innovate and evolve new ways to interact and engage with consumers, most recently in the areas of content and experiences, such as the recently launched Crayola Creativity Week, and the highly successful Crayola Experience family entertainment centers.

To facilitate further growth, Crayola is realigning the organization to maximize synergies within content, marketing, digital activation, and location-based entertainment, such as the Crayola Experience attractions like the one in Orlando, Fla., pictured above.

Vicky Lozano

As part of the realignment, Victoria Lozano, Crayola’s Executive Vice President of Marketing Communications and Digital Strategy, will add Content Development to her responsibilities. 

In her expanded role, Victoria will spearhead Crayola’s strategic development and planning efforts for children’s entertainment content. Lozano also will lead Crayola’s consumer activation, engagement, and content strategy across children, parent and educator audiences. This includes creating additional momentum behind the already successful Scribble Scrubbie YouTube franchise, the Create It Yourself (CIY) crafting social content, and the aforementioned Crayola Creativity Week program.

Warren Schorr has been promoted to Senior Vice President Business Development, Global Licensing & Experiences. 

Warren will lead Crayola’s location-based entertainment businesses, including the company’s owned and licensed Crayola Experiences and retail store development opportunities.

He will continue to lead the inbound licensing acquisition and outbound global licensing businesses, and develop strategies that extend Crayola into new spaces across the globe, including new categories, retail distribution, and business segments.

Warren Schorr

Both roles will report to Crayola President and Chief Executive Officer Rich Wuerthele.

“We have great confidence in our executive leadership and this organizational realignment will propel our expansion in the growing content and location-based entertainment space,” Wuerthele said. “This new focus will build capabilities and increase engagement, leading to a deeper, more meaningful consumer relationship with the Crayola brand.” 

Crayola is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, and was founded around the introduction of the first Crayola Crayon in 1903. Since then the company has branched out into a wide variety of creative toys and tools for kids, and also into a wide variety of licensing and entertainment categories.


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