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CreateOn Partners With The Beatles

The creative people at CreateOn have entered into a partnership to create The Beatles Collection, featuring classic imagery from the Beatles era. With individual Magna-Tiles depicting album covers and classic images, The Beatles Collection represents a new pinnacle of design and versatility for CreateOn. Individual tiles can be configured into multiple structures including the classic Yellow Submarine, the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club drum, the Magical Mystery Bus, the Abbey Road crosswalk, a record player, and more.

Since its founding two years ago, CreateOn, has applied innovation to Magna-Tiles, bringing new life to the stories and characters of iconic children’s brands like Sesame Street, the World of Eric Carle, Crayola, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Now, the colorful creation studio is leaning into supporting play and interactive storytelling for all ages and addressing new markets of grown-ups, fans and collectors through a partnership with The Beatles. The deal was brokered by Sony Music’s Thread Shop, The Beatles North American licensing agent.

“During the last two years building CreateOn, we have taken note of the way generations interact together with our Magna-Tiles Structures,” said Steve Rosen, Vice President of CreateOn. “From parents and grandparents building with kids, in many cases we have seen three generations playing with these products together.

“The Beatles connect generations through music and art, and our new partnership will not only give families an entirely new way to bring the iconic Beatles imagery to life and build together, but will also allow CreateOn to serve new markets of grown-ups and collectors.”

Magna-Tiles are an innovative building system that were invented for a simple reason: to help kids learn geometric concepts at school and at home. Created by a Japanese math teacher, these magnetic blocks were brought to the U.S. in 1997 by Valtech and quickly became a favorite of children, parents, and teachers.

The Beatles Collection Magna-Tiles Structures will be available in late May on and The Beatles store on The set is for fans aged three through adult. Along with licensing partnerships, CreateOn also has its own series of Magna-Tiles Structures sets and customizable photo sets under the MyMagna-Tiles brand name.


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