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Diageo Goes Big on Dairy Deal With Bailey’s Collaboration

Think of it as one more challenge for your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, as you pack on some more pounds with Diageo’s new Baileys Extra Thick Salted Caramel Cream.

The new product hitting shelves in the UK this winter is part of a continuing and so far very successful relationship brokered by Beanstalk between Diageo and the global dairy co-op Arla Foods.

The Baileys Cream range has been a huge hit since its first launch in 2016, and the variety of creams continues to delight consumers throughout the holiday season with bold, new flavours.

Building on their successful five-year relationship, Arla, a dairy with a capacity to produce 1.5 million bottles a day, and Diageo, one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers, have released their annual festive Baileys Cream range, which includes Baileys Pouring Cream, Baileys Extra Thick Cream and the brand new Baileys Extra Thick Salted Caramel Cream. The new Baileys Extra Thick Salted Caramel Cream contains sweetened pasteurised double cream with a salted caramel sauce accompanied by Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur that brings an indulgent, rich flavour to the already delicious Baileys Extra Thick Cream. 

The product range gives Baileys fans a new and delectable way to enjoy the Original Irish Cream over the festive period, whether it is drizzled on a Christmas pudding, poured over a slice of Yule Log or, for a really tasty treat, eaten straight from the tub. The range will also debut refreshed packaging featuring a snowy background to bring the festive feeling straight to your fridge.

“The festive season is the perfect time to treat you and your loved ones, and there is no better way than with a delicious dessert,” said Louise French, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations for Beanstalk. “The Baileys Cream range adds that extra indulgence to your puddings to give you the ultimate festive feeling.” 

Diageo’s dairy partner Arla Foods is a global dairy company and cooperative owned by 9,700 dairy farmers, of which 2,400 are from the UK. It is one of the country’s largest suppliers of milk products, and particularly value-added dairy products like flavored creams and cheeses.

“At Christmas, we just love that people are enjoying Baileys in such fun and different ways, and the Baileys creams from Arla are just so delicious and easy to use,” said Declan Hassett, Licensing Manager at Diageo. “Added to any cake or dessert, they just bring that little bit of extra indulgence.”



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