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Digital Celebrities

This chart was first published Feb. 2, 2015 in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of digital social media stars.

Last updated: Oct. 9, 2015
Digital Celebrities
Property Source Contact Followers ( in millions) Selected Licensees
PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) Swedish video game commentator. YouTube Maker Studios 39.7 (YT), 6.6 (Twitter), 5.8 (Instagram) MakerShop (apparel), (apparel), District Lines (apparel), (apparel), (apparel)
Smosh (Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox) Comedy duo produces skits, animations, and video-game themed music videos and playthroughs. YouTube Joester Loria Group 21.2 (YT), 3.2 (Twitter), 2.1 (Instagram, Padilla), 1.5 (Instagram, Hecox), 1.8 (Instagram) Dynamite Entertainment (comics, graphic novels), District Lines (apparel, accessories), Lionsgate (feature film)
The Fine Bros. (Benny & Rafi Fine) Brothers produce the React video series, timed spoiler series, narrative web series, and sitcoms. YouTube WME 19.0 (YT; combined) District Lines (t-shirts)
Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey) American vlogger and former go-go dancer who mines gender dynamics and her two dogs for comedy. YouTube Self 15.5 (YT), 4.0 (Twitter), 3.5 (Instagram) District Lines (apparel), (apparel)
Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) "That Asian on YouTube" riffs on pop culture and life. YouTube HigaTV Productions 15.4 (YT), 1.7 (Twitter) 1.6 (Instagram) The Merch Collective (apparel, accessories)
Epic Rap Battles of History (Peter Shukoff, Lloyd Ahlquist) Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD produce comedic rap battles between historic and/or pop culture figures. YouTube Maker Studios 12.6 (YT) MakerShop (apparel)
Ray William Johnson American vlogger known for his "Equals Three" series commenting on viral videos. YouTube Self 10.8 (YT), 1.9 (Twitter) Hot Topic (apparel), District Lines (apparel), (apparel)
CaptainSparklez (Jordan Maron) American personality known for Minecraft gaming videos. YouTube Maker Studios 8.5 (YT) Jazwares (collectible figures), XREAL (mobile games)
Bethany Mota American 19–year–old fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vlogger. YouTube United Talent Agency 9.5 (YT), 5.1 (Instagram), 2.7 (Twitter) Aeropostale (apparel, home decor, jewelry, bags, sandals, electronics accessories)
Zoella (Zoe Sugg) English fashion and beauty vlogger. YouTube Gleam Futures 9.3 (YT), 5.9 (Instagram), 3.8 (Twitter) Feel Unique and Superdrug (makeup), Penguin Random House (books)
Ksiolajidebt, aka KSI (Olajide Olatunji) English video game commentator, comedian and rapper. YouTube Self 8.3 (YT) Hachette Livre (books), District Lines (apparel), (apparel)
Michelle Phan American make-up demonstrator and lifestyle brand entrepreneur. YouTube Self 8.0 (YT), 2.0 (Instagram) L'Oreal (makeup), Penguin Random House (books), Line Webtoons (comics)
Tyler Oakley American LGBT comedic vlogger with brightly colored hair. YouTube AwesomenessTV 7.7 (YT), 4.7 (Twitter), 5.1 (Instagram) "MakerShop (apparel), (apparel, gifts), District Lines (apparel), Simon & Schuster (books), Someecards (digital greeting cards) "
Shane Dawson American produces sketch comedy shows, song and television parodies, and original music. YouTube United Talent Agency 7.0 (YT), 2.8 (Twitter), 2 (Instagram) Keywords Press (book), Hot Topic (apparel), District Lines (apparel)
IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh) Canadian comedian vlogger with Unicorn Island brand. YouTube Self 6.8 (YT), 1.1 (Twitter) District Lines (t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, posters), Someecards (digital greeting cards)
"Mr. Stampy Cat " English video game commentator known for his Minecraft play-throughs. YouTube Maker Studios 6.5 (YT) Egmont (books)
Rosanna Pansino American baking show Nerdy Nummies features a nerdy theme. YouTube Self 4.7 (YT) Atria Books (cookbooks), Represent (t-shirts)
JacksGap (Jack & Finn Harries) Travel vloggers who documented their gap year in India. YouTube Self 4.1 (YT) Skreened (apparel, accessories), Redbubble (apparel, accessories)
Life's S.o. R.a.d. Original YT series featuring top teen vloggers talking about style, shopping, etc. YouTube AwesomenessTV 3.0 (YT, AwesomenessTV channel) Kohl's (junior apparel)
MyHarto (Hannah Hart) American vlogger and cooking-oriented comedian who rose to prominence with My Drunk Kitchen. YouTube Self 2.3 (YT) Dey St. (cookbooks)
Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman) English professional makeup artist duo turned beauty tutorial vloggers. YouTube Gleam Futures 1.9 (YT) Paris Presents (makeup brushes)
Cassey Ho Fitness vlogger and creator of POP Pilates workout. YouTube Self 2.6 (YT), 1.1 (Instagram) 24 Hour Fitness (workouts), Penguin Random House (books), oGorgeous (activewear, acessories)
Meg DeAngelis Fashion lifestyle vlogger and AwesomenessTV star. YouTube Self 1.6 (YT) PBTeen (homewares)
Elle & Blair (Elle & Blair Fowler) Sisters produce beauty and style-related tutorials and lifestyle vlogs. YouTube APA Elle: 1.3 (YT), Blair: 1.8 (YT) Cellairis (phone cases), (makeup, fragrance), St. Martin Press (books), (shoes, handbags)
Nash Grier American 17–year–old who produces slapstick comedy, song parodies, and adolescent humor. Vine 26 Management Team 12.2 (Vine), 8.2 (Instagram), 5.0 (Twitter), 4.6 (YT) Aeropostale (apparel), BLV Brands (apparel, mobile phone cases, throw blankets)
King Bach (Andrew Bachelor) Comedian Andrew Bachelor landed acting roles including in "House of Lies." Vine United Talent Agency 14.0 (Vine), 4.8 (Instagram) MakerShop (apparel)
Brittany Furlan Comedic actress and vlogger. Vine Endemol Beyond 9.6 (Vine), 1.4 (Instagram) Redbubble (t-shirts)
Logan Paul Comedic pratfalls built on athleticism and lack of fear. Vine, Snapchat Self 8.6 (Vine) Represent (t-shirts), Redbubble (t-shirts, prints)
Cameron Dallas American 20-year-old who produces prankster comedy. Vine 26 Management Team 8.6 (Vine), 5.6 (Instagram), 5.5 (Twitter), 4.0 (YT) Aeropostale (apparel), BLV Brands (apparel, mobile phone cases, throw blankets)
Jerome Jarre French comedian and vlogger. LGBT friendly (which is hard on Vine). Vine, Snapchat GrapeStory (Vine), The Collective (YT) 8.5 (Vine), 1.9 (Instagram), 1.5 (Snapchat), 1.3 (Twitter), 0.9 (YT) Redbubble (t-shirts, greeting cards)
Nicholas Megalis Calls himself "Artist. Musician. Idiot." Vine Self 4.8 (Vine) Simon & Schuster (book)
Carter Reynolds American 17-year-old who produces prankster comedy. Vine 26 Management Team 4.4 (Vine), 2.9 (Instagram), 2.5 (Twitter) Aeropostale (apparel), BLV Brands (apparel, mobile phone cases, throw blankets)
Hayes Grier American 14–year–old who rose to popularity following his brother Nash Grier. Vine 26 Management Team 4.1 (Vine), 4.3 (Instagram), 3.0 (Twitter) Aeropostale (apparel), BLV Brands (apparel, mobile phone cases, throw blankets)
Oh Joy (Joy Cho) American design, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. Pinterest Oh Joy 13.1 (Pinterest) Target (party goods), Feed (diaper bags), Nod (children's bedding), Twig (children's home decor), Hygge & West (children's furniture), Microsoft (computer accessories)
Poppytalk (Earl Einarson, Jan Halvarson) Canadian design blogger focused on design, DIY, handmade, and vintage. Pinterest Self 8.4 (Pinterest) Target (party goods)
Wit & Delight (Kate Arends) Design and fashion lifestyle blogger. Pinterest Self 2.6 (Pinterest) Target (party goods, towels, home decor, coasters, cutlery, rugs)
Jen Selter "Belfie" star known for her prominent derriere. Instagram The Legacy Agency 7.3 (Instagram), 0.9 (Twitter) CIRRUS (fitness products)
AManNamedPatrick (Patrick Janelle) Vlogger posts iPhone camera stylized photos from his everyday life. Instagram Self 0.4 (Instagram) Suitable (men's apparel)
Blonde Salad, The (Chiara Ferragni) Fashion blogger. Instagram TBS Crew 0.2 (Instagram) Steve Madden (footwear), Lorenzo Barindelli and Paolo Barletta (footwear), books
GaryPepperGirl (Nicole Warne) Australian fashion vlogger. Blog IMG 1.4 (Instagram) Kiehl's (haircare)
The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) Blogger and best-selling cookbook author Blog Self 0.6 (Pinterest) Gibson Overseas (tableware, cooking products exclusive for Walmart)
Apartment Therapy (Maxwell Ryan) Home decor, design, and apartment lifestyle blog. Blog Brand Central N/A Penguin Random House (books)
Snob Essentials (Tina Craig, Kelly Cook) BagSnob blog expanded to include beauty, couture, jewelry, shoes, kids and lifestyle. Blog Beanstalk N/A Artisan House/HSN (handbags)
Bakerella (Angie Dudley) Baking and decorating blog. Blog Self N/A Chronicle Publishing (books), Toys 'R' Us (exclusive toys)
BryanBoy (Bryan Grey Yambao) Korean fashion blogger. Blog Self N/A Adrienne Landou (fur accessories)
Cupcakes & Cashmere (Emily Schuman) Food, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Blog Brand Central N/A Club Monaco (apparel), Coach (handbags), Harry N. Abrams (books)
Garance Doré French fashion blogger known for her streetstyle photography and illustrations. Blog Self N/A Kate Spade (apparel), Rifle Paper Co. (stationery)
Hungry Girl (Lisa Lillien) Daily e-mail subscription service about healthy eating. Blog Hungry Girl N/A St. Martin's Griffin (books), Cooking Channel (TV show)
Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) Leandra Medine on women's fashion trendsetting meant to repel members of the opposite sex. Blog Self N/A Hachette (books); Superga (sneakers)
The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) Fashion and lifestyle blog. Blog Self N/A Penguin Random House (books)
Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce) Viral sensation whose deformities make her look perpertually grumpy. Reddit Owner: Tabatha Bundesen, Agent: Ben Lashes N/A; 18 views (YT) Dynamite Entertainment (comic books), Chronicle Books (books), Dover Publications (books), Gund (plush), Ganz (apps)


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