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Fashion Licensing: Long Awaited Adidas x Gucci Line Dropped Tuesday

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

Unlikely partners Gucci and Adidas dropped their long anticipated fashion collection Tuesday, after a nine-month wait.

The collection was originally born on the Exquisite Gucci runway in Milan, as designer Alessandro Michele mixed his love of Adidas Gazelle sneakers with the haute couture of Gucci.

It turns out Michele has been a longtime fan of Adidas and is an avid collector of the company’s Gazelle sneakers, so the collaboration really came from the designer’s own preferences.

Launched at his Milan show last September, the collection dropping at retail today is just the first drop of a full-blown ready-to-wear collection, in which Adidas branding marks have been “Gucci-fied,” as Vogue Magazine put it, while Gucci’s have similarly been mingled with Adidas’ iconic symbols.

Adidas’ classic trefoil mingles with the Gucci logo on a sports bag, while the instantly recognizable three stripes mark make a big impression on designer Alessandro Michele’s sportswear ensemble.

Since revealed in a lookbook released last month, the cross-category selection combines the sophisticated aesthetic of Michele by mixing the legendary marks and designs of the House of Gucci, with the historic look of Adidas, one of the most successful sportswear brands in history.

That collection launches June 7, with a campaign that takes its inspiration from an archival 1979 Adidas catalog. Not entirely coincidentally, that catalog featured the very runners I wore in the 1979s, which must mean I’m far more stylish than anyone thought.

The fashion licensing coup includes women’s and men’s ready-to-wear apparel, as well as bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and lifestyle items. The designs cleverly mix the famous interlocking GG monogram from Gucci with the Adidas trefoil mark, as well as the universally known three stripes from Adidas footwear, dating back to the company’s origins.

And while there are a variety of sneakers, inspired by the Adidas Gazelle line, the collection is decidedly more upscale with a wide range of more formal pieces like leather heals, suede loafers, and silk scarves. Adidas’ sporting heritage does come into the portfolio in a variety of imaginative ways, from Gucci x Adidas sports bags (pictured at top) or even cross-branded golf bags.

The collection will be distributed through designated stores, online on and through Gucci Pop-Up stores, where the spaces will be decorated with one of the geometric prints found in the offering. A dedicated product selection will also be available on the adidas CONFIRMED app.

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