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Founders Transition to New Leadership at Spin Master

Max Rangel Joins Spin Master as Co-Founders Ronnen Harary and Anton Rabie Transition Their Roles in Spring 2021

Spin Master has been led by its co-founders since the company’s inception, but next month the company will have its first ‘outside’ CEO in Max Rangel, formerly of SC Johnson & Sons.

Spin Master is a major force in the toy and children’s entertainment world, and just this week finalized a key deal with Riot Games for their League of Legends franchise.

But founders Ronnen Harary and Anton Rabie felt it was time to transition to new leadership, so Rangel will assume the position of global president effective in January, and will also adopt the role of CEO in April. Rangel will now be responsible for the execution of Spin Master’s long-term strategy, while Rabie and Harary will guide the company’s long-term vision as directors of the board.

Rangel is a seasoned executive who has successfully led global businesses generating growth across multiple consumer packaged goods categories. Spin Master says he brings extensive experience in leading consumer-focused and high performing teams, developing innovative marketing and brand management programs and managing complex operations. Most recently, Rangel worked with SC Johnson & Sons serving as SVP, President of Lifestyle Brands in International Markets and SVP, President, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East & Russia regions. Prior to SC Johnson & Sons, Rangel spent 22 years at Procter and Gamble and over three years at The Hershey Company.

“He is an effective people leader with a well-established ability to unlock the potential of teams to boost organizational capability,” the company said in a statement.

Harary and Rabie say they will work closely with Rangel over the next several months to ensure a seamless transition, following which they will continue their leadership of the strategic path for Spin Master through their roles on the Board. Harary will continue to guide the growth of the digital games creative centre and Rabie will continue to provide input on Spin Master’s culture globally. Both will continue to oversee Spin Master’s long-term strategic vision focused on charting the company’s growth and will remain involved in business development and all mergers and acquisition activity.

Spin Master also announced its plan for executive leadership development. The company has established three creative centres comprising Toys, Entertainment and Digital Games.

Chris Beardall, a toy-industry veteran with over 20 years at Spin Master, who is currently Executive Vice President of Global Sales, will be appointed President, Spin Master Toys, overseeing the toy creative centre. Beardall will champion profitable growth across the entire toy portfolio.

Jennifer Dodge, an entertainment-industry veteran, who has been with Spin Master for 12 years and who is currently Executive Vice President, Entertainment, will be appointed President, Spin Master Entertainment. Dodge will oversee all aspects of the company’s entertainment creative centre from franchise growth through to content development, production and distribution globally.

Fredrik Loving, a digital games industry expert who previously held leadership positions at Electronic Arts and other leading digital games companies and who recently joined Spin Master as Executive Vice President, Digital Studios, will be appointed President, Spin Master Digital Games. In this new role based in Sweden, Loving will oversee Spin Master’s digital games creative centre from managing game development at Toca Boca’s and Sago Mini’s Stockholm and Toronto studios, through to sales and platform growth.

“Since founding Spin Master together more than 26 years ago, we’ve grown from a single, item-driven business to a leading global children’s entertainment company with three thriving creative centres in toys, entertainment and digital games,” said Harary. “With a well-defined long-term vision and a strong executive management team in place, we believe the time is right to transition Spin Master beyond its founders on a day to day operating level. This natural transition will allow Anton and I to emphasize our strategic roles where we can focus our efforts on shepherding Spin Master’s course for the future”.

Spin Master’s third co-founder Ben Varadi will continue in his role as Chief Creative Officer supporting all three creative centers and will remain on Spin Master’s Board.

“As we take the next step in the evolution of Spin Master, we’ve assembled an exceptional global team poised to deliver on our long-term vision,” said Rabie. “Max is an extraordinary business leader with a tremendous track record of leading global teams and harnessing the full potential of individuals to achieve outstanding results. Collectively, we will continue to nurture a culture where innovation drives growth and where we continue to deliver the most imaginative experiences for kids and families around the world.”



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