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Fragrance: Hit Me One More Time

Karina Masolova,

Retail sales of licensed fragrance grew 1% in 2017 to reach $3.98 billion in the U.S./Canada, according to TLL’s Licensing Business Survey.

Britney Spears and Revlon have teamed up to launch Britney Spears Prerogative, a new fragrance inspired by the singer’s career and her 24th in all. The gender-neutral scent features an oriental woody amber scent with a gourmand twist, latex petals, red calla lily and more. The fragrance bottle uses sharp edges and sharply rounded corners to reflect the many turns in Spears’ career.

Paris Hilton releases Platinum Rush in association with Parlux. The new fragrance, also her 24th, was inspired by “the symbol for true love, rarity, and strength” and is the third scent in the heiress’ Rush collection. Notes consist of Asian pear, red apple, juicy fresh mango, liquid amber and more. The fragrance release coincides with Hilton’s European DJ tour of the same name.

Disney partners with fragrance and home décor company, Scentsy, for a signature fragrances and scented plush toys featuring Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Hundred Acre Wood, Disney Princess, and Finding Nemo.

The most popular Chupa Chups aromas are coming to four foam fragrances from French brand Foamous. The cheeky 1960’s-inspired range will launch in autumn in territories including France, Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance is being sued (again) for allegedly stealing another company’s trademark-protected logo. At issue is a Kimoji Vibes fragrance being sold in a bottle whose shape resembles Vibes Media’s thought-bubble graphic. This particular scent reportedly generation $5 million in sales in a matter of minutes when it was released alongside Kardashian’s other new $45 fragrances, Kimoji Peach and Cherry. Vibes Media is claiming classic “confusion” (consumers will believe that it sponsored Kardashian’s fragrance) as well as “reverse confusion” (consumers will believe that Kardashian sponsored its logo). The case is Vibes Media, LLC, v. KKW Fragrance, LLC, 1: :18-cv-04910 (N.D. Ill).


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