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Funko Opens Virtual, COVID-Safe Showroom

It’s been a difficult year for B2B marketing teams when virtually every trade show and conference in the world has been canceled due to COVID-19, but Funko has found a way by launching its own “digital showroom.”

Funko Europe, the pop culture product company, this week opened the doors to its first-ever virtual showroom, featuring more than 400 products for 2021. Normally the company has a brick-and-mortar showroom located at its headquarters in London, but with that currently locked down the virtual showroom becomes even more important.

The pop culture consumer products specialist, Funko Europe, has opened the virtual doors of its first-ever online showroom, a platform launched in the absence of trade shows this season. Open to retail customers and media as of Jan. 25, the online showroom will highlight current product lines as well as new releases that are scheduled to be released later this year.

Now open to retail customers and media, the virtual showroom—also launched in lieu of being able to present at its showroom in its London headquarters—highlights Funko’s latest products, as well as new releases scheduled to launch throughout the year.

“We are so excited to bring our products to life with our cyber emporium this January,” said head of strategic marketing and sales Eva Verhaak. “This year’s product categories are stronger than ever, and our focus on celebrating fandom has truly elevated through new form factors, strong licenses and unique items for all ages.

“Furthermore, the showroom simulation will house several “rooms” with interactive elements for users to experience, adding a memorable brand experience to the presentations,” Verhaak added. “We can’t meet our customers but we can bring Funko to them! It’s also Funko Europe’s fourth birthday on Wednesday 26 January so a perfect way to celebrate.”

Funko says 400 products will be on e-display, including Loungefly fashion accessories, apparel, Pop! Vinyl figures, advent calendars, board games, card games, toys, impulse items, various special collectible items, and much more.


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