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Going Gaga Over Gucci: Designer Brand Soars After Film Release

By Gary Symons
TLL Editor in Chief
According to the e-commerce sales aggregator, online searches for Gucci products soared after the release of the new Ridley Scott murder saga House of Guccistarring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Jared Leto.
It turns out a little mayhem can be very good for business, as searches for Gucci bags leapt by an impressive 257% over the previous week. And it wasn’t just the iconic Gucci handbags. Searches for Gucci clothing were up 73%, while sliders were up 75%.
This is not purely a case of licensing, but it’s as near as you can get without ink on the contract.
The House of Gucci tells the story of glamorous wife Patrizia Reggiani, who hired a hitman in 1995 to kill her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, the head of the global fashion brand.
Officially, Gucci only provided MGM with a selection of rare, original Gucci items and props from its collection, and also allowed the crew to film at its main store in the Via Condotti in Rome.
But there are other strong connections between the House of Gucci, and the House of Gucci. First of all, the film also stars Salma Hayek, who just coincidentally happens to be married to François-Henri Pinault, the CEO of Gucci’s parent company Kering.
As well, Jared Leto, who plays a major part in the film, is a brand ambassador for Gucci and a close personal friend of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele.
Perhaps not all that surprisingly, Gucci has recently been posting pictures of Lady Gaga as Reggiani all over their social media.

“It can go either way,” said Julie Zerbo of the industry analysis outlet the Fashion Law. “Versace wasn’t involved in Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story, about Gianni Versace, but it was pretty obvious from the outset that Gucci wouldn’t push back because Pinault’s wife is in the movie.

“The movie leads from a fashion perspective, so Gucci is using it to inject their own narrative even if they weren’t as involved in the film as they could have been.”

While the film is not exactly the most positive portrayal of the Gucci plan, Zerbo says a little Hollywood notoriety can be good for a brand. “I would argue that The Devil Wears Prada actually elevated Anna Wintour’s persona to a mass scale,” Zerbo points out. “So many people walked away from that film knowing who she is.”

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