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Halo & Xbox Release New Bedding Sets For The Sleepy Gamer

Video gaming is exhausting work, so it just made sense for Microsoft to partner with boutique bedding specialist Dreamtex Ltd. to develop a bedding collection for the Xbox and the critically acclaimed Halo franchise.

“Gamers … and even Spartans … need a good night’s sleep to make sure they are ready to perform every day,” says John Friend, Head of Halo & Xbox Consumer Products. “We are thrilled to be working with a great partner like Dreamtex to roll out high-quality and brand-appropriate Xbox and Halo bedding, and we hope fans are ready to recharge and level up their bedrooms with these new stylish and comfy sets.”

The partnership was brokered by Tinderbox, the digital division of Microsoft’s licensing agency, Beanstalk.

Following the global launch of the fourth generation Xbox Series X and Series S, Dreamtex has unveiled a variety of Xbox branded duvet designs and blankets for the home. The collection will include items such as reversible bedding sets and will be available in a variety of colors and sizes to cater to gamers of all ages. The collection will also include innovations, like glow in the dark textiles, as Dreamtex continues to add innovative touches into its manufacturing. For video gamers eagerly awaiting the launch date for new game Halo Infinite, there is also Halo 117 single and double bedding sets with a striking image of protagonist Master Chief adorning the front of the duvet cover.

“We have a proud history of working with classic video game titles and we are delighted to welcome Xbox and Halo to the Dreamtex family,” said Anthony Duckworth, managing director of Dreamtex Ltd. “We believe we have created a really strong homewares range to appeal to gamers. With Halo Infinite destined to be Master Chief’s greatest adventure of the Halo series to date, we are also excited to be part of the consumer products journey with 343 Industries and are looking forward to the game’s release later this year.”

The Xbox bedding sets are now available in single (£26), double (£34) at Next: while the Halo bedding is available in single (£25) and double (£35) sizes at

Licensing and business inquiries for Microsoft gaming lines can be sent to Dave Tovey by email:

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