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Hollie Holmes Takes The Wheel At PlayMonster

PlayMonster LLC has made a big move in its licensing department, announcing Mattel’s Senior Director of Strategic Development, Hollie Holmes, is joining the company as its Global Head of Licensing.

This is a new position at PlayMonster, a Wisconsin-based toy company that has grown to offer products globally. The company says Holmes will oversee the company’s global licensing business with an emphasis on the development and expansion of new intellectual property across new and existing categories. She will report to Scott Flynn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PlayMonster.

“Hollie brings vast experience and demonstrated success in building strong licensing programs that impact business in a meaningful way,” said Flynn. “It’s a whole new level of focus for us that we expect will not only amplify our existing portfolio but open more doors to exciting new opportunities.”

PlayMonster was founded in 1985 by brothers Fran and Bryce Patch, under the name Patch Products. Originally the company focused on children’s puzzles, but over time added games and toys. The company changed ownership in 2014 and in 2016 changed its name to PlayMonster to better reflect its accent on play.

Holmes’ appointment comes as PlayMonster continues to build its portfolio of brands and content-driven IP across multiple categories. PlayMonster says the company is simultaneously boosting its activity not only in its core categories, but is also incrementally adding new business lines, including Koosh and BriteBrush.

Holmes comes to PlayMonster with a wealth of experience gained 20 years of working with consumer products and securing partnerships with global entertainment, gaming, celebrity, influencers, toy, automotive, and pop-culture brands.

Holmes most recently worked as Senior Director of Strategic Development: Global Licensing Acquisitions and Entertainment Partnerships at Mattel, where she acquired licenses and formed partnerships for the company’s hugely popular Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price lines.

“Hollie is one of the most widely respected and visionary executives in the licensing industry today, and we couldn’t be happier that Hollie chose to continue her career with PlayMonster,” said Tim Kilpin, President of PlayMonster.

Holmes says the opportunity at PlayMonster made a lot of sense for her career, as she and Kilpin worked together at Mattel, and formed a very strong team.

“Working with Tim previously at Mattel was an incredible experience, and I’ve always known I wanted to work with him again,” said Holmes. “Scott and the entire PlayMonster team are innovative, fun, known as a great partner, and incredibly agile, which I’ve learned brings the term ‘moving quickly’ to a whole new level. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to help expand our focus and accelerate growth for the PlayMonster team.”


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