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Hoonigan Racing Brand Adds New Licensees

The racing brand Hoonigan says it has signed three new licensing partners for its brand of vehicular insanity.

One of the leading automotive lifestyle brands and a major automotive influencer on YouTube, Hoonigan has launched programs with Hopkins Manufacturing for automotive accessories, Kustom Yard for select apparel and accessories, and Thunder Tiger for remote control vehicles.

All three licenses were secured by The Brand Liaison as exclusive licensing agent for Hoonigan, and its brands Hoonigan, Gymkhana, Climbkhana, and Terrakhana.

Hoonigan is more than just an automotive lifestyle brand; it’s more like a racing cult  built on the idea of making cars fun.  That formula has delivered a YouTube empire of more than 7.5 million subscribers, nearly 1 billion views, and multiple awards and accolades. Those include three Emmy Award nominations for their Amazon Prime Original The Gymkhana Files,” a docu-series about the action film franchise.

“Hoonigan is on the leading edge of sports and automotive culture building digital content that cater to an avid base, and licensing is such a natural brand extension,” explains Hoonigan CEO Jennifer van Dijk.

“Licensing provides us the opportunity to offer our fans unique licensed products and build the interactive experience.  We are excited to be working with our new partners to build the Hoonigan licensing program and provide our fans with exciting new products.”

For example, Van Dijk says Hopkins Manufacturing will be creating an entire line of automotive accessories across all six major company divisions, including seat covers, car mats, sunshades, organizers, mobile accessories, stickers and more, all specially created for the Hoonigan brands.

Kustom Yard is developing full collections of Hoonigan branded apparel and accessories featuring the cars and images of the Hoonigan, Gymkhana, Climbkhana, and Terrakhana series, while Thunder Tiger is creating custom remote control vehicles to be priced at $150 and up.

In addition to Hoonigan e-commerce, channels of distribution will include Mass Merchants, Automotive Stores, Sporting Goods, Warehouse Clubs, Farm and Agriculture and Home Improvement channels as well as specialty automotive, c-stores and car wash.

Van Dijk explains that, at Hoonigan, the cars are the stars. Each new custom-built vehicle gets its own name and personality, as they quickly become fan favorites.Hoonicorn, Twerkstallion, Napalm Nova, Sh*tcar, ShartKart, ScumBug, and Tri5 by Fire are among the dozens of custom cars currently featured by the Hoonigan drivers.  They represent the ‘Masters of the Hooniverse’.

“This is one of the coolest properties we’ve ever represented,” says Steven Heller, President of The Brand Liaison. “You are immediately hooked on these heart-racing videos and they have built an entire car culture. You can’t fake this. Ken Block is the real deal. Mad skills!”

Block, who is at the heart of the Hoonigan brand, began his rally career in 2005. His skill and car control became quickly apparent and Block aptly nabbed Rookie of the Year that season in the Rally America Championship. Since then, Block has also won 25+ national level rallies around the globe, scored points in the WRC, and accumulated five X Games medals, including winning silver on three wheels at X Games in LA in 2012, behind 9-time WRC champ Sebastien Loeb.

Building on the current fan base and consumer products, including automotive inspired streetwear apparel, Hoonigan licensed products will range from apparel, accessories, headwear, and eyewear to toys, collectables, racing sets, video games and experiential licensing.

To learn more about licensing for Hoonigan, Gymkhana and Ken Block, visit The Brand Liaison or email:

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