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How Frida Kahlo Evolved From Artist to Style Icon

By Gary Symons

TLL Editor in Chief

While at the Licensing Expo last week, I was struck by the major presence of the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Art in general was well represented at the show, and in fact, some agencies specialize in nothing but, but the Frida Kahlo booth was just that: all Frida, from top to bottom. The artist’s work was also featured on swag bags given out at the conference, which my wife very quickly nabbed!

Now, a new book by Charlie Collins and illustrated by Camilla Perkins helps explain how Frida Kahlo’s work made the leap from paintings on a wall, to a theme used in products of all types.

The Kahlo estate is represented by Art Ask Agency, which was happy to announce the release of the book Frida Kahlo – Style Icon, the second book based on Frida Kahlo published by Hardie Grant UK Ltd. The book is a celebration of the remarkable style of Frida Kahlo.

“This new book from Hardie Grant, just like the first one, are great gift items for Frida fans,” said Maria Strid, owner of the Art Ask Agency. “They bring Frida closer to people and show another side of the most famous Mexican female painter.”

The first Frida Kahlo title published by Hardie Grant, Pocket Frida Kahlo Wisdom, launched in 2018, continues to be a great success in many territories and this second title promises to mirror the first in numbers of units and sell out.

One thing the book focuses on is the extraordinary way Kahlo’s paintings have since been used in the world of fashion, not just for apparel, but for housewares, jewelry and much more.

“From embroidered blouses and traditional Tehuana dresses to indigenous treasures and jewellery strung by Frida herself, this book showcases how Frida used her style as a means of personal and political expression,” said the Hardie Grant Marketing Team. “Tastefully and elegantly illustrated throughout, this volume is a must-have for admirers of Frida Kahlo, fashion historians and fans of fashion illustration.”

Art Ask says the new book will be distributed worldwide and launched on June 23, although pre-orders are possible already now, via Amazon, Waterstones, Bookshop and Book Depository.



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