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Influencer Hyram Yarbro Goes Green With Skincare Line

In a deal brokered by Semaphore Licensing, social media influencer Hyram Yarbro has partnered with the green skincare company The INKEY List to produce a new product line, Selfless by Hyram.

Yarbro has more than 12 million fans on YouTube and TikTok, and says he jumped at the chance to work on a project that provides a high value product for his followers, while at the same time helping the planet.

“Through Selfless by Hyram I want to connect the beauty industry with social change,” Yarbro says. “My goal is to help people by not only creating high quality skincare with incredible formulations, but to also give people an opportunity to empower others around the world who are impacted by some of the biggest global issues known to our generation. I want to help people change the world just by doing their skincare routine.”

Michael Bienstock, Founder and CEO of Semaphore Licensing says the skincare collection, backed by science and careful formulation, will impact both people and planet through the brand’s social impact mission. Selfless by Hyram will work to support organizations across four key areas: the environment, health, education and empowerment.

The brand has established global partnerships with both Rainforest Trust and the Thirst Project, which will address the urgent climate and clean water crisis. In the first 12 months post product launch, Selfless by Hyram is committed to raising enough funding to protect over 2,500 acres of rainforest from deforestation, restoring over 370,000 tons of CO2 (equivalent to 80,000 cars for a year) and funding projects in over 60 communities throughout Eswatini, Africa, providing access to clean water for over 35,000 people for life.

“We are proud to be empowering creators through custom licensing opportunities that allow their brands to connect in more meaningful ways while staying true to their mission and core values,” said Bienstock. “Our focus on both integrity and partnership creates the perfect pairing so that our talents’ individuality becomes their superpower.”

As new media stars continue to seek ways to enrich their brands, Semaphore is positioned to help influencers exceed perceived industry limitations. Dedicated to elevating talent into the A-list spotlight alongside celebrities, Semaphore is establishing a new set of standards for how successful licensing opportunities are created.

Semaphore, a Family of Companies, was founded in 2002 and has grown exponentially over their 19 year tenure to include an innovative suite of services including accounting, tax preparation, payroll, insurance, brand and licensing management. Semaphore has earned the business of a diverse range of clientele, but with the rise of social media influencers, has created a strong niche providing services for new media stars.


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