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Store Check

IT’SUGAR NoHo: Pink, Sweet & Raunchy

Every once in a while, we like to get out of the office and do some window shopping.

Have requests for a future store check? Contact the editor at with the stores you’d like to see in the New York City area.

This month, we checked out a confectionery retailer that seeks to indulge pop culture trends as well as a sweeth tooth. Founded in 2006 by the guy (link to Jeff Rubin’s Licensing Sourcebook profile) who brought us F.A.O. Schwartz’s candy bar (F.A.O. Schweetz) and Dylan’s Candy Bar, IT’SUGAR counts roughly 100 doors.

And the specialty retailer’s big push right now are its “beary boozed” cocktail-flavored gummies—sold by the pound or in plastic cocktail containers.

But there were also (real) boozy varieties of candy available for purchase. A selection from Turin Chocolates included Diageo’s Baileys Irish Cream (repped by Beanstalk in the U.S.), as well as hometown Mexican favorites Kahlúa (repped by CAA-GBG) and Jose Cuervo Especial. Goldkenn chocolate bars featured Jack Daniel’s (licensor Brown-Forman handles the U.S. business in-house and taps Beanstalk in Europe) and Captain Morgan (also Diageo, also Beanstalk).

To top off the home bar, there’s beer too. In addition to a fridge carrying a shelf of “retro” beers, fans of Warner Bros. star Harry Potter can also enjoy Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer from Reeds, Inc. Also seen were chocolate wands and jelly beans from Jelly Belly and collectible Mash’ems from Basic Fun (cut off from the picture below).

Lest you begin to question: Easter has not been forgotten. The store interior featured a massive display of Peeps (BAC handles licensing on behalf of Just Born).

Note the array of non-edible collectibles destined for baskets: Fingerlings by WowWee, Pikmi Pops by Moose Toys, Crazy Aaron’s scented putty, LOL! Suprise and Poopsie Slime Surprise by MGAE, stuffed rainbow llamas and unicorns from Ty Inc., and even a Sing-along microphone and speaker from Wireless Express.

IT’SUGAR takes its “Livin’ the Pink Life” slogan quite literally. As well as big, rainbow-toned pastel plush from Gund, there was also space for the company’s licensed Pusheen plush line.

A lot of space.

There were more brand partnerships at the back of the store—but most of it wasn’t edible. From right to left, there were licensed offerings for Bob Ross (repped by Firefly), Stranger Things (Netflix), and Fortnite (Endeavor handles licensing for Epic Games).

Stranger Things wasn’t the sole ambassador of retro, with ample space dedicated to classic candies. Note the Elvis Presley (ABG handles licensing) line from Pez line below. In addition to Elvis, the novelties company also had some of its entertainment licenses on sale.

Interestingly, there was a lot of space dedicated to junk food in the shape of candy versions of sushi, burgers, pizza, popcorn, and tacos as well as plush versions.

In addition to American staples like burgers and fries, the store featured a massive display of (edible) Japanese snacks. Pocky (licensor is Ezaki Glico) was the big one, followed by Ramune soda, Hi-Chew (licensor is Morinaga), and special “Japan-only” flavors for Kit-Kat.









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