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Kathy Ireland Declares War on Germs With AERAS Partnership

If cleanliness really is next to godliness, then surely Kathy Ireland just got a guaranteed spot in heaven.

The fashion icon and business owner says she’s partnering with tech firm AERAS on a new product allowing consumers to sanitize everything from door handles, to shopping carts, to gas pumps. The partnership has been struck between AERAS and kathy ireland Worldwide (KIWW).

The newest product in AERAS’ integrated offerings, the AERAS-Micro by kathy ireland is designed for sanitizing frequently handled objects without causing any damage. AERAS-Micro is  safe to use on papers, legal documents, cash, electronics and touch screens, and is both convenient and effective. Its compact design allows for a 30 mL tank of sanitizer, and its micro-USB charger allows for convenient charging capabilities and more than two hours of uninterrupted usage.

“AERAS is about using out-of-this-world technology to give peace of mind to consumers, whether that’s using our patented drone technology to sanitize stadiums and arenas or developing products like the AERAS-Micro by kathy ireland to help protect parents and shoppers from viruses and germs,” said Eric Lloyd, CEO and co-founder of AERAS. “We’re excited to partner with kathy ireland® Worldwide and their massive business network on such a sleek and savvy item that lets customers have sanitization at their fingertips.”

Kathy Ireland Promoting AERAS Sanitizer Technology

Ireland and her company are powerful brand ambassadors. This past week, Ireland shattered glass ceilings when kiWW was named as the 15th most powerful brand in the world by License Global magazine. This is the highest ranking for a woman-owned business, and in fact, for any individually-owned business in the licensing industry. As well, Ireland will enter the Licensing Hall of Fame this year as the youngest inductee in history.

“We are delighted to collaborate with AERAS, because they are such an innovative company,” Ireland said. “Both of our firms share vision and commitments to bettering the human condition. Eric and Justin’s mission to help safely reconnect people with the activities and events they’ve always enjoyed is also very important to everyone at kiWW. We look forward to introducing our customers to the AERAS-Micro, which gives them the ability to carry peace of mind in their purse, large pocket, backpack, luggage and more.”

AERAS, which runs a successful global business, but is not a household name for consumers, says it recognizes the huge boost it will get in terms of name recognition from the kiWW brand.

“The opportunity to work with kiWW is particularly helpful to AERAS as an emerging industry leader. It means a great deal for our growing company to be able to integrate and benefit from the global respect of the kathy ireland Worldwide brand and its Chair, Kathy personally,” said Jim Abel, global director of business development for AERAS. “Very few entrepreneurs in emerging companies are able to strategically and successfully manage through their selective process, and have the unique access of working with and benefitting from specialized industry experience.”

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AERAS is an emerging technology company with a patented charged-electrostatic drone. It’s the only company in the United States certified by the FAA to use drones specifically to sanitize outdoor venues against COVID-19 and other viral pathogens. AERAS has used its patented charged-electrostatic drone technology, combined with EPA best practices, to sanitize Churchill Downs for the largest sporting event since the pandemic and PPG Paints Arena for Pittsburgh Penguins hockey games.

The new AERAS-Micro by kathy ireland will be available for purchase at











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