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Deal Sheet — 09/28/2022

Contact the editor at or click here to submit an announcement for consideration. The weekly TLL Deal Sheet features the latest licensing deals, brands, and up-to-date contact information for the players involved. Contact info for all executive licensing deal makers is available from the Licensing Sourcebook Online by clicking on any company name. There are 5 new Sourcebook listings this week: 2 licensor, 2 licensees, and 1 agents. This week TLL reports 19 deals with 5 properties assigned/available and 14 licenses granted worldwide.
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Licenses Available: Pacific Emblem Co. - home of the SmartPatch®

Brand your Licensed product with LaserCUT® Patches/Emblems at 1/4th the cost of Direct-Embroidery!

As a 35+ year manufacturer of premium custom Patches & Emblems, we really know Patches! From LaserCUT®, Embroidered, Woven, Dye Sublimation, Glow, Reflective, Chenille to Metal badges and more, our versatility has you covered. Did you know that Patches can save you over 400% vs. direct-embroidery? 250 minimum with turn times in as little as 8 working days! Give Dr. Patch a call at 800-872-8778 or email your request to The Doc is in at Pacific Emblem Company, San Diego, CA.

Pacific Emblem Co. | Dr.Patch | | 800.872.8778
Properties Available or Recently Assigned, U.S.
Property Description Categories Available Licensing Contact
Licenses Recently Granted, U.S.
Property Granted To Products Manufactured (Territory) Granted By
Avatar Disguise div. Jakks Pacific costume accessories, costumes (U.S.) Disney
Avatar Zing Toys RC Toys (U.S.) Disney
Buffalo Trace Distillery Wolverine Worldwide footwear (U.S.) Brandgenuity US
Monster High Rubie's costume accessories, costumes (U.S.) Mattel
Precious Moments Diamond Dotz paint sets (U.S.) Spotlight Licensing & Brand Management
Scooby-Doo FYE div. Sunrise Records hoodies, joggers, t-shirts (U.S.) Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Scooby-Doo Hot Topic apparel collection, t-shirts (U.S.) Warner Bros. Consumer Products
Scooby-Doo Rubie's costumes (U.S.) Warner Bros. Consumer Products
World of Warcraft J!NX hoodies, novelties, statues, t-shirts (U.S.) Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft Pop Mart figurines (U.S.) Blizzard Entertainment
International Properties Available or Recently Assigned
Property Description Categories Available Licensing Contact
Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter known for her uniquely soulful vocals and signature style. Amy’s talent made her an international icon by her early 20s, winning five Grammy Awards. all categories (Worldwide) Daniel Avener, MDR Brand Management
Historic Royal Palaces Historic Royal Palaces is an independent charity that manages some of the United Kingdom's unoccupied royal palaces. fashion, games, garden, health & beauty, homewares, jewelry, publishing, stationery, tabletop, toys (U.K.) Janine Richmond, Point.1888 (The)
Kärcher Kärcher is a market-leading German manufacturer of home and professional cleaning equipment. The brand operates worldwide, with its products sold by more than 150 companies across 78 countries. promotions, storage, workwear (Europe) Victoria Whellans, WildBrain CPLG (U.K.)
Kidz Bop Kidz Bop is an American children's music group composed like a music brand that produces family-friendly cover versions of pop songs and related media. accessories, apparel, gifts, toys, video games (U.K.) Vicky Hill, Bulldog Licensing
Magic Mixies Mixlings Magic Mixies Mixlings, the smaller version of the original Magic Mixies’ toy line. Each Mixling comes with its own magic cauldron that reveals its team and rarity by rubbing the gem. all categories (Australia, New Zealand) Kerryn McCormack, Merchantwise
International Licenses Recently Granted
Property Granted To Products Manufactured (Territory) Granted By
Bing Ferrero Group chocolate surprise eggs (Italy) Maurizio Distefano Licensing - The Evolution of Licensing (MDL)
Kärcher Simba Smoby Toys U.K. div. Simba Dickie Group toys (Europe) WildBrain CPLG (U.K.)
Magic Mixies Mixlings Caprice Australia accessories, apparel, bags, footwear, homewares (Australia, New Zealand) Merchantwise
Scooby-Doo Cotton On Group accessories, pajamas (children’s), rompers (infants'), shorts, sweats, t-shirts (Australia) Warner Bros. Consumer Products

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