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Planned Feature Films with Licensing Potential

Throughout the year, we feature upcoming movie properties with potential for licensing. All of the release dates for movies on the list have been checked against multiple sources, but there is still a high probability dates will change. The further in the future a film is, the more likely its release date is to move.

Don’t see a property that should be featured here? Contact us to have it added to the list below.

Planned Feature Films with Licensing Potential, 2019–2027
Note: Release dates are subject to change.
Film (Description) Planned Release Film Company Sequel Reboot Book Game Toy Comic TV Original
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Animated sequel to 2016's animated hit. Original cast joined by Patton Oswalt, Tiffany Hadish, Nick Kroll, and Pete Holmes. 6/7/2019 Universal Pictures X X
X-Men: Dark Phoenix The sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse tackles the Jean Grey arc and brings back much of the cast. Includes space travel and a Hans Zimmer score. 6/7/2019 Fox X X
Justice League: Part 2 Sequel follows the DC Comics-based superhero team. 6/14/2019 Warner Bros. X X X
Men in Black (untitled) Spinoff expands on the original trilogy's universe but stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as secret agents. 6/14/2019 Sony Pictures X X
Toy Story 4 It's one more Pixar play date for Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. 6/21/2019 Disney X X
Annabelle Comes Home Sequel to the 2014 and 2017 horror flicks of the same name; based on the allegedly haunted, real-life Raggedy Ann doll. 6/28/2019 Warner Bros. X X X
Spider-Man: Far from Home Sequel to the 2017 Homecoming film depicts Parker and his friends as they go on summer vacation to Europe. 7/2/2019 Sony Pictures X X X
The Lion King (live action) Live action remake of the 1993 animated film stars Beyoncé, Donald Glover, and James Earl Jones. 7/19/2019 Disney X X
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Quentin Tarantino writes and directs Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie in this mystery crime film about the Manson Family murders. 7/26/2019 Columbia Pictures X
Wish Dragon Jackie Chan joins this modern-day fairy tale about an encounter between a boy and a dragon who is able to make wishes come true. 7/26/2019 Sony Pictures X
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Spin-off teams up the smart-talking Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). 8/2/2019 Universal Pictures X X
Dora and the Lost City of Gold An older Dora the Explorer embarks on a quest to save her parents while soling the mystery behind a lost Incan civilization. 8/9/2019 Paramount/Nickelodeon X
The Angry Birds Movie 2 Sequel to 2016 film launches on the 10th anniversary of the original game. Majority of original cast reprise their roles. 8/16/2019 Columbia Pictures X X
Playmobil: The Movie First in a trilogy stars a girl forced to abandon her structured life to extract her little brother from the animated world of Playmobil. 8/30/2019 STXfilms X
It: Chapter Two Bill Skarsgård returns as Pennywise in this sequel with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader playing the adult versions of the Losers’ Club. 9/6/2019 Warner Bros. X X
The Goldfinch Adaptation of the novel by Donna Tartt stars a young art forger in Las Vegas. 9/13/2019 Warner Bros./Amazon X
Ad Astra A space engineer (Brad Pitt) embarks on an odyssey through the cold, unforgiving depths of space to find his long-missing father 9/20/2019 Fox X
Downton Abbey British historical period drama film continues where the TV series left off. 9/20/2019 Universal Pictures X X
Abominable A group of misfits seek to reunite a Yeti with his family on the 3000-mile journey from Shanghai to the Himalayan snowscapes. 9/27/2019 DreamWorks Animation X
Joker Joaquin Phoenix stars in this darker, grittier take on the Prince of Crime's origin story set in the '80s. Takes place outside the DCEU. 10/4/2019 Warner Bros. X
The Addams Family CGI comedy based on The Addams Family comics by Charles Addams stars Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron. 10/11/2019 MGM Studios X
Zombieland 2 Favorite zombie slayers from the first 2009 film must face off against evolved enemies. 10/11/2019 Sony Pictures X X
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Sequel to the 2014 film will see Angelina Jolie return as the titular character opposite Ed Skrein as a new main villain; Joachim Rønning directs. 10/18/2019 Disney X X
Terminator: Dark Fate James Cameron produces and Tim Miller directs this sequel to Terminator 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton return. 11/1/2019 Paramount x X
Doctor Sleep Adaptation of 2013 Steven King's The Shining sequel focuses on the Redrum kid, now an adult and struggling with the same demons that plagued his father. 11/8/2019 Warner Bros. X
Sonic the Hedgehog A small town cop helps Sonic escape from the government in this adaptation starring James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, and Jim Carrey as an evil scientist. 2/14/2020 Paramount Pictures X
Charlie's Angels Elizabeth Banks directs this action comedy reboot of the 2000 film based on the '70s TV series. 11/15/2019 Sony Pictures X X
Frozen 2 Sequel to the 2013 animated musical blockbuster. 11/22/2019 Disney X X
Jumanji 3 Dwayne Johnson is set to return along with Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan. 12/13/2019 Sony Pictures X X
Cats Adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical stars Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Ian McKellen. 12/20/2019 Universal Pictures x
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Third and final chapter of the newest Star Wars trilogy from J.J. Abrams. 12/20/2019 Disney X X
Little Women Louisa May Alcott's novel adapation explores the lives of the March sisters as young adults. Stars Meryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, and Timothée Chalamet. 12/25/2019 Columbia Pictures X
Spies in Disguise 3D animation based on the 2009 short, Pigeon: Impossible. Voices by Will Smith and Tom Holland. 12/25/2019 Fox X
The Grudge A new take on the 2004 U.S. film (itself a remake of the 2002 Japanese origional Ju-on) will be the 12th film in the franchise. 1/3/2020 Sony Pictures X X
The Mitchells vs. The Machines Animated comedy centered around a dysfunctional yet loving family whose road trip gets interrupted by a tech uprising. 1/10/2020 Sony Pictures X
Bad Boys for Life (Bad Boys 3) Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return for another sequel to the action comedy series (1995, 2003) about two loose cannon cops. 1/17/2020 Sony Pictures X X
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Robert Downey Jr. stars as the doctor who can talk to his animal patients in this live action/CGI adaptation. 1/17/2020 Universal Pictures X X
Birds of Prey Harley Quinn is joined by Huntress, Black Canary, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain in this spin-off adaptation of Suicide Squad. 2/7/2020 Warner Bros. X X
Peter Rabbit 2 Will Gluck returns to direct and write the sequel. 2/7/2020 Sony Pictures X X
Kingsman: The Great Game Prequel film to the franchise takes place during the early-1900s and will depict the formation of the titular spy agency. 2/14/2020 Fox X X
Legally Blonde 3 Reese Witherspoon returns as the sorority queen-turned-lawyer as the writers from the first 2001 flick return. 2/14/2020 MGM Studios X X
Bloodshot First installment in the five-part Valiant Comics film franchise stars Vin Diesel and has an R rating. 2/21/2020 Sony Pictures X
Call of the Wild Animated adaptation of the classic Jack London novel tells the story of a family dog stolen and sold into service as a sled dog. 2/21/2020 Fox X
Gambit Channing Tatum stars in this X-Men spinoff as the fan-favorite mutant Cajun. Now a romantic comedy, with some heist elements. 3/13/2020 Fox X
Godzilla vs. Kong The two monster francises are united in an ecosystem of giant superspecies. 3/13/2020 Warner Bros. X X X
G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant The third film promises to take a much more contemporary approach to the whole franchise. 3/27/2020 Paramount/Hasbro X X
Mulan (live action) Live action reimagining of the animated 1998 feature. Stars a young Chinese maiden who disguises herself as a warrior in order to save her father. 3/27/2020 Disney X X
Cyborg Cybernetic member of the Justice League is played by Ray Fisher. 4/3/2020 Warner Bros. X
The New Mutants A team of young mutants are locked in a facility in this YA, horror-themed take on the X-Men franchise. 4/3/2020 Fox X
Bond 25 Daniel Craig's final 007 film sees True Detective's Cary Joji Fukunaga take over as director. 4/8/2020 Universal Pictures X X
Trolls World Tour Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake reprise their roles in this sequel to the 2016 musical comedy-adventure. 4/17/2020 Universal Pictures X X
Barbie Contemporary take on the Mattel toy that emphasizes feminism and identity. Margot Robbie headlines. 5/8/2020 Warner Bros. X
Scooby-Doo (aka S.C.O.O.B.) Scooby-Doo and the Mystery, Inc. gang roll again. 5/15/2020 Warner Bros. X X
Fast & Furious 9 Vin Diesel is expected to return to continue the F&F franchise. 5/22/2020 Universal Pictures X X
The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge Director Paul Tibbitt returns to the TV-based franchise with a 3rd film. 5/22/2020 Paramount X X
Artemis Fowl Sci-fi/fantasy book series stars a 12 year-old pitted in a battle of strength and cunning against a race of fairies who may have disappeared his father. 5/29/2020 Disney X
The Six Billion Dollar Man Mark Wahlberg stars and produces this sci-fi action film. 6/5/2020 Warner Bros. X
Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins (director) return in in this sequel to the 2017 film set during the Cold War. 6/5/2020 Warner Bros. X X
Top Gun: Maverick Sequel to the 1986 military film stars Tom Cruise as the "Maverick" and Miles Teller as the son of his late partner. 6/26/2020 Paramount X X
Free Guy A bank teller (Ryan Reynolds) discovers that he's actually a player inside a video game. 7/3/2020 Fox X
Minions 2 Spinoff from the Despicable Me franchise made over $1 billion worldwide when it was released in 2015. 7/3/2020 Universal Pictures X X
Ghostbusters 3 Jason Reitman is on board to direct a new installment; rumor goes this one will star four teens. 7/10/2020 Sony Pictures X
Bob’s Burgers Emmy Award-winning animated TV series launched 2011 stars a family that runs a burger joint. 7/17/2020 Fox X
Green Lantern Corps A group of humans joins an intergalactic peacekeeping force. 7/24/2020 Warner Bros. X X
Jungle Cruise Based on the Disney theme park ride. Stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. 7/24/2020 Disney X
Morbius, the Living Vampire Spider-Man spinoff is the second installment in Sony's Marvel Universe after venom. Starring Jared Leto, Matt Smith, and Adria Arjona. 7/31/2020 Sony Pictures X
Coming 2 America Eddie Murphy returns to America as Akeem, this time to find his long-lost son and apparent heir to the throne of Zamunda. 8/7/2020 Paramount X X
The One And Only Ivan Katherine Applegate's book tells the tale of a gorilla who plans an elaborate escape from captivity with the help of an elephant. 8/14/2020 Disney X
Bill & Ted Face the Music Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter star as the older version of the titular teenaged would-be rockers. 8/21/2020 Orion Pictures X X
Monster Hunter Milla Jovovich stars in adaptation of Capcom video game where a UN military team fights against monsters in an alternate dimension. 9/4/2020 Impact Pictures/Constantin Film X
The Croods 2 The prehistoric family is back following the first 2013 film. 9/8/2020 DreamWorks Animation X X
Venom 2 Tom Hardy returns in this sequel to the 2018 film, 10/2/2020 Sony Pictures X X
Death on the Nile Sequel to 2017’s Murder on The Orient Express adapts Agatha Christie’s other most famous Poirot case. 10/9/2020 Fox X X
Micronauts Sci-fi toys from the late '70s and early '80s also carried a comic book series back in the day. 10/16/2020 Paramount/Hasbro X
Ron’s Gone Wrong Animated feature tells the story of a friendship between an 11 year-old boy and his not-quite-working robot. 11/6/2020 Fox X
Vivo Lin-Manuel Miranda's animated film follows a musical monkey who journeys from Havana to Miami. 11/6/2020 Sony Pictures X
Clifford The Big Red Dog Walt Becker directs live action/CG hybrid starring the 25-foot-tall red dog and his owner, a child named Emily Elizabeth. 11/13/2020 Paramount X X
Dune Denis Villeneuve directs the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel set to star Timothée Chalamet. 11/20/2020 Legendary Pictures X
Star Wars (untitled) Expected to be an off-shoot from the official timeline. 12/16/2020 Disney X X
West Side Story Steven Spielberg adapts the 1957 musical exploring forbidden love and the rivalry between two teenage street gangs. 12/18/2020 Fox X
Cruella Emma Stone stars in period '70s England as a younger version of 101 Dalmation's Cruella de Vil. 12/23/2020 Disney X X
Star Blazers Live-action adaptation of the space-set '70s anime TV series also known as Space Battleship Yamato. 12/31/2020 Skydance Productions
Black Panther 2 The first film’s director, Ryan Coogler, is attached to the project. TBA 2020 Disney X X
Black Widow Cate Shortland is set to direct this stand-alone feature starring Scarlett Johansson. TBA 2020 Disney X
Call of Duty Video game adaptation ready to go into production under director Stefano Sollima. TBA 2020 Activision Blizzard Studios X
Cliffhanger Neal Moritz directs female-fronted reboot of the 1993 classic starring Sylvester Stallone. TBA 2020 X
Masters of the Universe Aaron and Adam Nee direct this reboot as He-Man goes against the evil Skeletor to save the planet Eternia. TBA 2020 Sony Pictures X X
My Hero Academia Live action adaptation of the manga series starring a boy without any superpowers who enrolls in a prestigious hero academy. TBA 2020 Legendary Pictures X
Paddington 3 Second sequel to 2014 film; based on the children's books by Michael Bond. Director unlikely to return. TBA 2020 Warner Bros. X X
Peaky Blinders Director Otto Bathurst brings the TV series to the big screen. TBA 2020 X
Snake Eyes (untitled) The titular silent ninja commando character is getting his own spinoff movie after appearances in the 2009 and 2013 G.I. Joe films. TBA 2020 Paramount/Hasbro X X
The Beastlies New series of movies, TV shows, books and toys coming from producer J.J. Abrams and Mattel. TBA 2020 Bad Robot X
The Eternals Chinese director Chloé Zhao helms Marvel comics adaptation; expected to be a love story starring queer and female leads. TBA 2020 Disney X
The Flash: Flashpoint John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein direct this adaptation of the Flashpoint time travel comics storyline. TBA 2020 Warner Bros. X
The Invisible Man Reboot of the classic Universal movie said to be targeting Elisabeth Moss as the lead. TBA 2020 Blumhouse X X
The Meg 2 A sequel to the hit 2018 giant shark movie. TBA 2020 Gravity Pictures X X
The Willoughbys Movie Four abandoned children must adapt their old-fashioned values to the contemporary world in this adaptation of Lois Lowry's book. TBA 2020 Netflix/BRON Animation X
Unboxing Comedy thriller stars a mischievous 11-year-old YouTube star who unboxes her father’s secret safe as a stunt and releases evil tricksters on her small town. TBA 2020 Paramount X
V The Movie Sci-fi 80's mini-series comes to the big screen with a planned trilogy from the original's creator. TBA 2020 Desilu Studios X
Sesame Street Movie Jonathan Krisel helms musical adaptation starring Anne Hathaway. 1/15/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Rugrats David Bowers directs live action/CG adaptation of the '90s Nick TV series. 1/29/2021 Paramount X
Nimona Animation based on Noelle Stevenson's graphic novel follows the titular shapeshifter and sidekick to the villainous Lord Ballister Blackheart. 3/5/2021 Fox X
The Boss Baby 2 Alec Baldwin and the original creative team return in the sequel to the 2017 flick. 3/26/2021 DreamWorks Animation X X
Fast & Furious 10 The last entry in the street racing franchise. 4/2/2021 Universal Pictures X X
Tom & Jerry Live action/CGI project will expand upon the relationship between the iconic cat and mouse duo. 4/16/2021 Warner Bros. X X
DC Super Pets Animated feature from the creators of the LEGO Batman and Ninjago spin-offs. 5/21/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Jurassic World 3 J.A. Bayona directs with Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow returning as executive producers. 6/11/2021 Universal Pictures X X
The Batman Standalone film separate from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight universe. 6/25/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Sing 2 Sequel to 2016 animated musical comedy set in a city of humanoid animals. 7/2/2021 Universal Pictures X X
Indiana Jones 5 Leading actor Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg return for a 5th time with Jonathan Kasdan to script. 7/9/2021 Disney X X
Space Jam 2 Lakers star LeBron James joins this sequel to Michael Jordan's 1996 classic. 7/16/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Suicide Squad 2 Gavin O’Connor is set to direct the sequel. 8/6/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Neuromancer Sci-fi adaptation of William Gibson's seminal science fiction novel Neuromancer. 8/20/2021 Prodigy Pictures X
Spooky Jack Dark, comedic look at the world of “eerie” things conjured by children from writer Robert Ben Garant. 9/17/2021 DreamWorks Animation X
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 J.K. Rowling is penning the script for the third entry in the series. 11/12/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Dungeons & Dragons Chris McKay is in negotiations to direct this sequel to the 2000 adaptation of the tabletop role-playing game. 11/19/2021 Paramount/Hasbro X X
Avatar 2 Sequel to the highest grossing film of all time is directed, produced, and co-written by James Cameron. 12/17/2021 Fox X X
Hotel Transylvania 4 (untitled) Monster franchise gets a Christmas release. 12/21/2021 Sony Pictures X X
Sherlock Holmes 3 Director Guy Ritchie and co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law reprise their roles in this sequel. 12/22/2021 Warner Bros. X X
Wicked Film adaptation of the Tony-winning musical. 12/22/2021 Universal Pictures X
Breaking Bad (untitled) Follows Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman in the years after the series finale. TBA 2021 Sony Pictures X
Minecraft: The Movie Animated film based on the video game will get an IMAX release. 3/4/2022 Warner Bros. X
Black Adam (untitled) After being attached to play Shazam!, Dwayne Johnson is now getting his own DCEU film for the villain/antihero Black Adam. TBA 2022 Warner Bros. X
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 4 The 4th installment in J.K. Rowling's series. TBA 2022 Warner Bros. X X
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 The third film in the franchise following 2014 and 2017 releases. TBA 2022 Disney X X
Super Mario Bros. Classic Nintendo video game is getting an animated film adaptation from llumination Entertainment. TBA 2022 Universal Pictures X X
The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun (Tintin 2) Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg promise this animated sequel to the 2011 film will happen, but not until at least 2021. TBA 2022 Paramount X X
Avatar 3 Second sequel to the highest grossing film of all time. 12/22/2023 Fox X X
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 5 The 5th installment in J.K. Rowling's series. TBA 2024 Warner Bros. X X
Avatar 4 Third sequel to the highest grossing film of all time. 12/19/2025 Fox X X
Avatar 5 Fourth sequel to the highest grossing film of all time. 12/17/2027 Fox X X


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