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Licensing Agencies: The Point.1888 Jumps On Board With New Client Flip Out

Flip Out, the UK’s leading trampoline and adventure park operator, is to embark on its first ever brand licensing program with the help of its new agent The Point.1888.

With 27 sites across the UK, jam-packed with slides, free running, inflatables, assault courses, synthetic ice rinks, bumper cars and crazy golf, Flip Out has amassed a fanbase of millions. The company plans to use brand licensing to boost engagement and generate new revenue opportunities.

The Point.1888 was Flip Out’s first choice, it says, thanks to the agency’s vast amount of relevant knowledge and experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands in sport and kids entertainment, such as Team GB, British & Irish Lions, CoComelon, Moomin and Blippi.

Product ranges in planning include apparel, activity products and trampolines. Key to the strategy will be Flip Out’s ability to get kids, teens and families away from their screens, and having fun in an active way. Hannah Stevens, Head of Sports and Retail, at The Point.1888, says that type of change is much needed following the release of research earlier this year which showed a 100% increase in kids’ screen activity compared with the same period in 2020.

“We are acutely aware of how the world is progressing as we all spend more time than ever glued to screens,” said Price. “This has also been a major factor in the struggles of retail as people choose to shop online rather than on the high street. Flip Out has a huge opportunity to reverse this trend by using products to entice people to get out and be more active, experiencing more of real life.

“Flip Out is more than a trampoline park; it’s a space to get lost in and explore, with everything from Ninja obstacle courses to Cyber Towers. Combined with its electric urban identity, you really are taken on a complete adventure. It is this purpose, authenticity and creativity that we find incredibly exciting and why Flip Out will be able to deliver incredibly powerful products.”

Richard Beese, Co-Owner at Flip Out, says the company’s licensing campaign will be very much focused on promoting healthier, outdoor activities for kids and their families.

“The Flip Out brand is focused on getting young people and families active and having fun,” Beese said. “Our parks offer a range of activities to appeal to all ages and we believe this partnership with The Point. 1888 will enable us to deliver these benefits to a wider audience.”

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