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Licensing International Excellence Awards Honor Innovation

The winners of the 2022 Licensing International Excellence Awards were announced Thursday at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

The awards honor innovation in the way brands use licensing to further their goals, how licensees develop products, how licensees distribute products, and how retailers spotlight licenses on their shelves.

“It’s inspiring to see the quality of work produced by the licensing industry and it was incredible to be able to celebrate those successes together in person,” said Maura Regan, President of Licensing International.

“The Licensing International Excellence Awards are a testament to the power of brands and to the power of licensing to launch products and programs with lasting appeal.”

The 25 award winners were selected from 165 finalists from around the world. More than 800 entries were received, narrowed down by an expert global judging panel and voted on by members of the licensing industry at large.

This year’s ceremony brought back the Best Location-Based Entertainment award, recognizing innovation across location-based brand extensions following significant lockdowns. Gamepath Entertainment took home the LBE trophy for the Monopoly Lifesized immersive experience in London.

Here is the full list of 2022 Licensing International Excellence Awards winners:

Best Licensed Products:

Apparel or Accessory for a Corporate Brand:

BMW Motorsport line by PUMA.

Apparel or Accessory for an Entertainment Property:

The Legend of Zelda line by BlackMilk.

Appliances, Housewares, Electronics for a Corporate Brand:

Xbox fridge by Ukonic.

Appliances, Housewares, Electronics for an Entertainment Property:

Sesame Street collaboration by tonies.

Digital: Apps, Software, Video Games, NFT’s:

Forever 21 Shop City experience by Virtual Brand Group.

Food or Beverage for a Corporate Brand:

Louvre ice cream by Häagen-Dazs.

Food or Beverage for an Entertainment Property:

Harry Potter mooncakes by Awfully Chocolate.

Health and Beauty Aids:

Friends bath and beauty line by Mad Beauty

Home Décor:

LEGO wooden home décor by Room Copenhagen.

Publishing, Social Expression:

The Beatles advent calendar by Eaglemoss.

Toys, Games, Novelties:

Batman Batcave playset by Spin Master

Toys, Games, Novelties:

adidas Originals Superstar model by LEGO

Best Licensed Brands:

Corporate Brand:

BMW by BMW Group

Entertainment, Character, Toy Brand (Animated):

CoCoMelon by Moonbug Entertainment

Food, Beverage, Restaurant:

Coca-Cola, Hi-C and Sprite by The Coca-Cola Company

Lifestyle: Art, Design, Celebrity, Fashion:

Amy Winehouse by MDR Brand Management

Live Action Entertainment:

Ghostbusters by Sony Pictures

Museum, Art and Design:

V&A by The Victoria and Albert Museum

Sports, Collegiate:

Formula 1 by CAA Global

Other Awards:

Best Licensing Agency:


Best Licensed Collaboration:

Balenciaga x The Simpsons

Best Licensed Promotion:

Rovio & Born Licensing for GEICO’s “Angry Bird Problem?”

Best Location-Based Entertainment:

Monopoly Lifesized by Gamepath Entertainment

Best Retailer (Corporate, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports Initiative):

BoxLunch for McDonald’s

Best Retailer (Entertainment, Character Brand):

Bloomingdale’s for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

This year’s Excellence Awards were hosted by George Leon, the chief executive officer and founder of Cakewalk Entertainment. The awards were presented by Alifish, InSpirit Designs, Jazwares and participants in Licensing International’s Accelerator Program, including Bedrock Collectibles, Holy Joe, LIBREX, Park Star Media and Somos Arte.









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